Interview With My Favorite Special Forces Veteran

In this interview I talk to my Uncle about his life as a child, his life serving in the special forces, and his life now. This interview shows how ones life as a child can make impacts on their beliefs...

Interview with Dad

Starting of taking about his passion for martial arts, we transitioned into athlete safety and the harm of cutting weight

Martial arts teacher childhood
February 24, 2019 App Interview

The childhood of a martial arts teacher and his leg fracture

Throwing ninja stars with my grandpa
January 28, 2018 App Interview

When a young boy gets picked up at school by his granddad, he gets a wonderful, fun surprise.

Interview of Richard Erickson by Ken Erickson

Richard Erickson talks about his experiences with martial arts and soul searching

New Martial Arts Journey

I interviewed my kickboxing coach. The questions I asked were about his life and how he grew up. I also learned about what type of martial arts he does. There were many things I learned that surprised me!