Interview with Elaine

We talked about immigration from Mexico which is her from. How she thinks and feels about immigration. Thanks for interviewing with me.

Oscar Sanchez – Airports before and after 9/11

Oscar Sanchez, my uncle from Mexico travelled 1-3 times a month to the United States (including New York) in 2001. He discusses his experience in airports before and after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. (Interview recorded through a call)

It’s not Safe Anymore

Fabiola talks about her last trip to Mexico and how she realized that it’s not safe there anymore

El sueño de educación

Maria Acevedo expresa las dificultades que ha tenido que enfrentar las cuales le han enseñado el camino correcto a seguir. Por medio de la educación ha podido casi Lograr y demostrarse a sí misma que si se puede perseguir el...

My Interview With Efren Lopez

This is my interview with Efren Lopez who is my father. We discussed his family and his childhood. we also discussed his love life and how he met my mother.

Interview with my dad José Rosario.

This is the great listen for 2021. Today, on November 28, 2021, I interviewed my father, José Rosario. We discussed his childhood and his biggest dreams. Jose gave us an insight on immigrants leaving their life behind for a new...

Immigration Stories: Mexico-United States An Oral History – Anonymous 17 Choreographer and Dancer

Anonymous 17 talks about growing up in Mexico until her early teens when her family relocates to the United States. Living many years as a permanent resident, in recent years she has obtained United States citizenship. Anon 17 speaks about...

"Deseo que todos mis hijos tengan exito a pesar de de que algunos son indocumentados." Maria es intrevistada por su hija Liz.

"[Como padres] sacrificamos estar [indocumentados] en los Estados Unidos por la educación de nuestros hijos. Quiero que mis hijos aprecien la vida en los Estados Unidos, pero espero que tambien valoren la cultura Mexicana."

interview with dad

Alejo Dominguez and Alison Dominguez, Father and daughter, Mexico and the United States.

An Immigrant Journy to the US

My father talks about his journey of illegally crossing the US border in 2003 from Mexico. The stuggles and changes he went through to get a better life for his family. The misconceptions that Mexicans have on life in the...

Selenne Zarate talks with her grandma

In this interview, I talked with my grandma about her life experiences. This included both details from when she lived in Mexico and now that she is in America.

The moment I really got to know my dad

We talked about my dad’s childhood, and what he wants me and his future generations to remember about him.

People of the Rio Grande Valley BorderTowns: Fernando "Usually when I play my sets I want the drop to be clear when it's going to be there."

People of the Rio Grande Valley Border Towns: Fernando Torres and I talk about his goals as a computer science major and music DJ in the Rio Grande Valley. Fernando has organically fallen into the role of photographer's apprentice while...

Part Two: Maria speaks of transition, settling into Richmond, and her dreams of bringing more Mexican culture to her adopted city!

Part one of two: Maria sits down with Alison and translator Kaitlyn to talk about family, her move to Richmond, and ways she believes we can incorporate more Mexican culture into the town she has grown to love and appreciate!

Romo Life Story

A story about a man and his life as an American citizen.

The Life of a Chingona: Interview with Yaya

Baleria Barrera interviews Yajaira Valdez, best friend of nearly 9 years and they revisit Yaya's childhood, family ties, and dreams. Yajaira shares vulnerability in the most beautiful way through deep stories about her parents, career, and aspirations.