What it is like growing up in Michigan

This is an interview I did with my boyfriend Jaxon about him growing up in Michigan and what he thinks about the state and all the different places he has been or wants to go.

An Interview with Dad Conversations about golf, flying, Lakeview, skiing and more.

This was an interview with Cesar Colon-Bonet at his home in Lakeview in August 2018 when I was home for the summer. It was a chance to ask him every question I always wondered about — why he wanted to...

Speaking to the Director of Public Health

Enjoy this interview with a former Director of Public Health of Michigan.

Hannah Pinkelman(20) and Catie Snyder(16) discuss growing up in Adrian, Michigan as an adolescent.

In this interview, Hannah and Catie discuss the trials and tribulations of Adrian, Michigan. They also discuss post high school plans, specifically job and college outlooks.

Interview of Grandmother Bonnie Lucas

Grandma Bonnie told me about her life growing up and the hardships of WWII. She also told me about meeting my Grandfather and how they moved around. She had a great attitude about school, work, and moving.

Bill Federhart on the value of sharing and caring

My name is Gracie Wallace and I interviewed the most influential person in my life, my Papa, Bill Federhart. My Papa is 86 and is the heart of my family by always keeping us together and reminding us that family...

After 1968.

I interviewed my mom and dad about the overall issues and situations that went on in there lifetime after 1968.

Joel Hodge and Jacob Mihelich

Joel Hodge (76), is interviewed by his grandson, Jacob Mihelich (17). Joel discusses his life in Laurium, Michigan. Joel was a trucker and had a passion for the open road.

Jeanne El-Hindi discusses her interests in Middle Eastern studies and what life was like in Syria.

In this interview, conducted in January 2018 in Vienna, Virginia, Leigh El-Hindi (16) interviews her mother Jeanne El-Hindi (48) about her interests in Middle Eastern culture and her time spent in Syria. The interview starts with Mrs. El-Hindi's childhood in...

Joumeel McLaurine Interview Part 2

This is an interview with Joumeel McLaurine, the planting pastor of Ascend Church -- a life giving church coming to Royal Oak in the Spring of 2018. Joumeel is currently the Administrative Pastor at the First Church of Sterling Heights...

Interwiew with Ms.Gina Ellis

This interview was about life being a dancer and putting on show and working in professional dance companies.

Christopher Brown

A story about life and how to live it. Christopher Brown grew up in Vermont. He married Susan Brown who gave birth to my mother Laura Hart. He talks about his unique story and gives great advice.

My mom, Leigh Langston: “I Love Being A Woman.”

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Flint, Michigan, Senia Langston (15) interviews her mom Leigh Langston (42) about her life growing up. Leigh talks about her passion about writing. She also talks about being raised by a single...

Glory shares experiences with Kalayia from her childhood growing up in the 50s and 60s.

In this interview held on November 29th, 2018 in Flint, Michigan Kalayia Tomlin (15) interviews her grandmother (Dear) , Glory White who talks about being raised by a Matriarch in Jackson, MI, her Mother Lula B. Sumner. Glory shares vivid...

Kyndall Dotson and Linda Blacks Interview.

On 12/3/21 In Flint,MI Linda Black and Her Granddaughter Kyndall Dotson has a conversation about the trial’s and tribulations in her life and also talk about her experience in the south.

Interview with Julie Chow-Wah

Rebecca Chow-Wah interviews her mother, Julie Chow-Wah on what it was like growing up in Jamaica. She discussed many valuable life lessons, experiences with living in three different countries, work life, and childhood stories.

Ian and Saskia discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Today I sat down with Ian Charles to talk about his personal experience with seeing unpredictable weather in Michigan over the past few years. We also talk about how individuals need to think about how we use renewable energy over...

Joseph Acho and Tamara Acho-Life Story and Main Events

The location of this interview was West Bloomfield, Michigan. The date of this interview was 5-16-22. The people in this interview were Joseph Acho and Tamera Acho. We talked about you childhood, your life now, and a main event that...

Gabriela Solis interviews her mother, Christine Solis, about her experiences as a woman

In this interview, Gabriela Solis (21) talks with Christine Solis (65) about what it was like to grow up as a woman. As her childhood and early teen years were in the 60s and her adult life started in the...

Haley Bell interviews her grandma about her experiences as a woman throughout the different stages of her life.

In this interview, Haley Bell, 20, interviews her grandma, Eva Pease, 72, through the StoryCorps connect app. Haley is located in Ypsilanti, MI, and Eva is located in Bay City, MI. This interview was conducted for a psychology course to...

Joseph Acho and Bernard Acho-Life Story and Main Events

The location of this interview was in Berkeley Michigan.The date of this interview was 5-15-22. The that where here during this time was Joseph Acho and Bernard Acho and I interviewed my dad who is. Bernard Acho. He was asked...