Mi María – Donsheri (1)

We discussed Donsheri's journey in her life. From the early difficulties she faced with her biological family to the time she found her spiritual family, her real family. The time she lost her brother to the jail system and the...

Thanksgiving listen

Various questions about my mothers life and upbringing

Mom’s memories

Mom’s family description and memories

Mother and Daughter Talk About Life During a Pandemic

Carina (13) interviews her mother mainly about what she is feeling during the Covid-19 pandemic. Both talk about what life has been like during this time and moment in this country as well as her mother's childhood memories.

Mary Eileen Ward and her grandmother Mary Morgan talk about the different stages of Mary’s life.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Evergreen Park, Illinois, Mary Eileen Ward (16) interviews her grandmother Mary Morgan (83) about her life, from childhood to present day. Mary Morgan talks about childhood traditions, where she met her husband,...

Erin Hernandez and her mother Lhorlee Hernandez talks about immigrating to the United States for the first time.

Conducted on December 2019 at Plano, Texas, this interview between Erin Hernandez (16) and her mom Lhorlee Hernandez (39) talks about the experiences and hardships in immigrating to the land of the United States. Mrs. Hernandez details her journey on...

APB – Andrea Chavez's interview with Isabel Hernandez

Andrea Chavez (17) talks with their mother, Isabel Hernandez (44) about her childhood in Mexico and her future hopes for her children. A little bit of everything.

Brannon Westover and Alauna Westover

Brannon Westover (18) talks with his Mother, Alauna Westover about her parents and how they have influenced her throughout her life.

Storytelling Assignment

Interview with my mother for a college course in Introduction to Speech Communication.

Storytelling Assignment with my Mother

Today I asked my mother some questions that are not common for a college class assignment.

Interview with my Ma

A talk about my mother’s life, and some deep questions that I wouldn’t normally ask her

Conversation with my grandfather
November 22, 2018 App Interview

We talked about what was important to him and how he would like to be remembered as

Liam and Libbye

Interview with my awesome mother about her life and experiences

A conversation with a friend

I interview my good friend about his life, we discuss immigration from Monterrey, NL to Laredo,TX and how that impacted his life. Mexican culture regarding family and friendship. Growing up between Mexico and Texas, living on the border.

Aunt Donna interview

My great Aunt Donna is blind. She is a strong women. When she was 11 she was diognosed with disbities. After that, she became blind. That through find bumps in her road, but she had my great uncle Rob and...

Family Interview

This about some of the best and worst moments of my dads life

Life As It Goes, Anisha Kumar having a conversation with her mother

Anisha Kumar (15) interviews her mom, Alka Kumar (45) in Swartz Creek, Michigan in November of 2018. Ms.Kumar talks about growing up with not much and being in a community, in which having darker skin singles you out. She also...