My interview with my grandma for my sophomore English final 2019

We mostly talked about her life and everything that happened to her and things that I didn’t know and also her kids and how proud of them she is

Interview w/ Mom

Interview with my amazing mom! She talks about her difficulties with moving from her home in Taiwan to Australia and eventually the U.S., along with how being a parent has changed her.

Social Studies Thanksgiving Questions

The interviewee consisted of my mother, Tina Sun. We discussed about the topics that revolves around family and things that we are most appreciative for.


I ask my mother some of the “best” questions story corps has to offer.

Closer Than Ever

Conversations about the struggles and strides of our family over the years. How hard times affected us and how we overcame them. The strength of our relationship.

A small piece of my mother

A short questioning session with my mother about general topics.

Living By a River

This interview was conducted with my mother. It was based mostly on the differences between Korean and American culture.

Interview with someone older

In this interview I spoke with my mother and learned a lot about her that I didnt know.

Interview with Maria Morier

We talked about communism, what her life has been like and what she desires her future grandchildren will know about her.

Experiences that shape who we are

Amy Russell sharing experiences of growing up in a small town, life for her in high school, and memories of being an exchange student in Spain.


For my UNIV 102 EPIC Life course, I interviewed my mother about her career and how she reached it.

Grandma’s Superpower

In 1974, my grandpa got into a car accident that had him temporarily in critical condition. Living through that tough recovery winter and beyond, my grandma realized her strong independence and will to be a great mother to her four...

Mothers Day interview Daisy Joy

Holden and Sawyer Rodrigo interviewed the best mom in the world.

Interviewing my mother.

Dominique interviewing her mother. We talked about my mothers life as a mother. What she did when she was younger, and how she has changed over the years. She also talks about being a parent.

My Mother

We talked about My parents and their relationship. We also talked about mine and my mom’s relationship.