Mugshots: Pat and Kim Noga

Pat and Kim are from the Lehigh Valley area, and Pat has been taking her daughter to Musikfest since 1984. Their one word to best describe Musikfest is DELIGHTFUL.

Max DeVincenzo on Music & Community

I interview Max, a musician in living in Boulder who was raised in Jamestown, CO.

Hannah Merrill and her father, Greg Merrill, discuss his childhood and thoughts during the time of the pandemic.

In this interview, conducted in November 2021 in Flower Mound, Texas, Hannah Merrill (16), interviews her father Greg Merrill (44) on his childhood and his thoughts during the time of the pandemic. Mr. Merrill first answers as to if he...

St Cecilia Society President

I talked with Andrea about the history she has with the St Cecilia Society and her history in Flint

Interview with my grandmother

Carole Dreger, 80, my grandmother. World War 2. Cold War. Vietnam. Meeting and marrying my grandfather. Teaching. Childhood memories. Fashion and music of the time.

Mugshots: Kermit Burley

Kermit is a devoted Musikfest visitor - he's been attending Musikfest since it first began in 1984. His one word to best describe Musikfest is UNFORGETTABLE.

Marie Neel
December 1, 2020 App Interview

We talked about the differences in French and American media

The life of my father

An interview with my father over his life experiences and views.

Nazi watches, German wine, and American music in WWII: a soldier's story

Bernard Ham of Portsmouth, Virginia speaks of his time in the Second World War. His stories include why he wears a Nazi officer's watch, the fortuitous reunion with a brother on the streets of Paris, and how he found his...

Great Listen

A conversation with my dad! We talked about his parents and a little bit of his childhood and his musical interests.

My Brother’s Experience with Music

I interview my brother about his musical interest and how music influences his views on society

Dad's Music Journey

I ask my dad about his journey with music throughout his life.

Grandad Atha: Seventy years beyond me in age and many more in wisdom
December 30, 2022 App Interview

James William Sr. Atha (87) is interviewed by granddaughter Emily Atha (17). Known to others as JW, Jim Willie, and Jim, James tells of his childhood memories and of the lessons he has learned from a blessed life.

A Step Towards a Clear Mind

My first official recording on here. Topic of passion. The recording got cut off at the end because I forgot to turn on airplane mode and I received a phone call. The last thing I wanted to to say is...

News Media Project

I interview my dad on his love of music and how it has changed over the years.

"The first time I really worked hard on something and loved it, was art."

My Dad explains his life changing relationship with the arts and the impact that learning to write music had on his creativity and sense of self worth.