Grandpa’s life

Talked about music, childhood and his travels.

The life of my father

An interview with my father over his life experiences and views.

Technology when my Dad was a kid. GJHhistory

This interview is about the technology's my dad had when he was a kid. This interview is for my school history class GJHhistory

Radio and the music that moves us

Interview with Ken Murphy in the 88.3 KABF studio in Little Rock Arkansas. The interview was over the radio, music, artist, and all of the changes that have happened or are taking place now.

Sarah Gray & Jack Delaney, Blood Transfusion Recipient & Formerly Anonymous Blood Donor "Everyone deserves it."

Sarah Gray, age 47, (Washington DC) blood transfusion recipient, interviews Jack Delaney (61), one of the 10 anonymous strangers who donated 1 of the units of the blood she received during childbirth in 2010. "I'd like to make a new...

Reflections and Regret
November 27, 2019 App Interview

I got to know more about my grandpa by asking questions about his life. It was a great experience.

11/9 INARI interview
November 10, 2020 App Interview

Interview with Chicago artist INARI


Fred Wilber (69) talks to his mentee Jola Otten (13) mostly about Freds childhood

SEN$UI: the guy behind the music

Israel Rosado tells all about his past with creating music, and how his sound has developed with time.

18 and 5 year old cousins bond over their love of music

Hayden Dinsmoor, 5, is interviewed by his older cousin Marisa Dinsmoor, 18. He shares his love of music inspired by Marisa’s involvement in theatre and a rock band with her friends. She has shared her favorite music with him since...

Concert days

In this interview Samantha (16) interviewed her father Gregory senteno ( 44) about her fathers experiences with different concerts. Explaining how fun and how difficult they are.

Mr.Derting happy life.

How his childhood was and how he grow up,and some happy memories about when he was a teenager.

Mike Walker Music Man
February 18, 2018 App Interview

What made the hardships of the music industry worth it.

Nazi watches, German wine, and American music in WWII: a soldier's story

Bernard Ham of Portsmouth, Virginia speaks of his time in the Second World War. His stories include why he wears a Nazi officer's watch, the fortuitous reunion with a brother on the streets of Paris, and how he found his...

“Just A Lot of Imagination”

In Flushing, New York, a hardworking father, George Dakis, and his 14-year-old daughter, Christina Dakis, converse about his life in a Greek-American household. They talk about his inspiring life and the hardships he went through to become the man he...

Away From Home

Hopes and advice for the future. Some old memories and silly catching up.

Fran Young and Paul Young

Married couple, Fran Young (68) and Paul Young (72), recall stories and events that lead them to becoming international teachers, traveling to many countries, culture shocks, and navigating life in Springfield, Missouri after traveling abroad.

Anthony Small w/ Kyle Small: Love, Music & Community

Father and son reminisce on the influence of family and passion on building a life surrounded by the power of community.

Grandpa’s Interview

Grandpa talks about his experience playing music and his time serving in the air force.

Diving deep into music discovery with my mom

In this interview, we discussed music discovery in the 1980s, through raising young children, and sharing the experience with musically literate children.