Cristopher’s Parent

For the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018, I will be interviewing my dad. He means so much to me because he is my stepdad. I would not have made the right decisions without him. I chose him because he is such...

From Stereos to IPhones: How Hip-Hop Has Changed Over Time

In conversation with his daughter, Laila Carey, Don Carey explores hip-hop’s past and its future. Through analyzing short comings and strengths, he explains the evolution of the diverse genre.

Interviewing Andres Rodriguez

Andres Rodriguez is doing a interview with me and I’m asking about his life, kids, memories, etc.

Future of Opportunity – Rod Sepand

**The Date Was January 20, 2020** Imagine If you had no supporters and nobody that believed in you.  To prove everyone wrong, you would have to work hard everyday to reach your goal of being successful. My Dad started from nothing...

the new and old of audio media

in this discussion I interviewed my mom about audio media (music, radio, podcasts etc.) and how it was while she was growing up to nowadays

Dad’s music experience
November 29, 2019 App Interview

I talk to my father about how music has changed during his lifetime. Being from Honduras, I think he has a very unique take on it, and he provided some interesting responses to my questions

Marianna and Papashorty speak about music, media, love, and The Delfonics

Marianna Davis (20) speaks with her grandfather, Leo Davis Jr. (65) about media and the ways it is consumed and discovered in various eras of the 21st century. Topics such as love songs, political music, and music mediums are covered...

Lola Yale and Sheri Solomon

Sheri Solomon (56) interviews her mom Lola Yale (76) about growing up in a farm close to Walla Walla, WA and about her affinity to music and theater. Lola talks about being in charge of the Musical Production of the...

School interview

Interview with a boy named Alejandro who goes to my school about his life and interactions.

Betty Cohen and TC Cowles

Betty Cohen (87) talks with TC Cowles (no birth date given) about her marriage, education, especially her graduate studies, family and her husband's struggle with Parkinson's disease.

Wilson Borough High School Marching Band

Blayne Olsen talks about his 1950s Pennsylvania marching band experiences, including college years at University of Delaware and a year at Mulinburgh College under Sousa's chief trumpeter.

Theology Project

We talked about my family and a few things about her work. I learned some thins I did not know about my mom

Jacob Enriquez and Mr. Truong

Jacob and Mr. Truong have a conversation at the end of his senior year of high school.

Music Today V. Then

My name is Alexis Garbutt (22) and I interviewed with my father, Mark Garbutt (53), about how music has an impact on his life and how it has evolved from when he was my age.

How Music Has Changed Since the 1970s- What Do Prince, Taylor Swift, and KISS Have In Common?

Meredith (18) and her father Gordon (50) discuss how music from Gordon's childhood- the 1970s- has adapted for modern times and if modern music reflects the same changes.

News information

This interview was about how technology has changed throughout the years. Also the effect of the internet in today’s society.

Mugshots: Ron and Nancy Semanick

Ron and Nancy are a married couple, Moravian alumni, and have been attending every Musikfest since 1984. Their one word to best describe Musikfest is FEST-TASTIC.