Sue Clark a Navy Nurse and Wife

This is about Sue Clark's life as a Navy Nurse and Navy wife

My mother’s interesting life

My mother telling me about her life. She has an interesting life that is full of many experiences. My mother is an amazing person that gladly accepted being in this interview.

Nana always knew she wanted to be a nurse.

Nana and I talked about her childhood, what it was like growing up in New Jersey, her time as a nurse, and about our relatives.

My moms view

I got an inside view of what it was like for my mom to raise me. The frustrating times and the happy moments. We also talked about her childhood and her current job.

Pa Yeng Lee Interview

Pa Yeng Lee is a nurse practitioner in the Preoperative Anesthesia Clinic at the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Healthcare System located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has practiced at the VA for four years, since being hired as a new grad in...

Interview with a Critical Care Nurse in the NSU!

how being a Nurse can be overwhelming, yet enjoyable all at once, as well as the importance of creating relationships with a patient’s family!

Michael Johnson and Metta Johnson

Mom and son, Metta Johnson (74) and Michael Johnson (41), discuss Metta's life growing up in Georgia, her relationship with her husband Clyde Johnson, and her career as a nurse.

Dennis Doherty and Kaite Hildreth

Dennis Doherty: 2020-04-29 13:04:50. Dennis and Katie their roles as registered nurses, involvement in the 2013 Boston Marathon, and how they apply lessons from that experience to today's COVID pandemic.

Amber Myles & Will Rogers

Amber, who recently won a nurse of the year award at Providence Health, shares her nursing journey from working as a parole officer to psych nurse. How working with psych patents is both rewarding and challenging, staying safe, and what...

Rose Austria & Will Rogers

Rose talks about her nursing career as a case manager and winning a nurse of the year award. She shares heartbreaking stories about working with COVID patients, losing her mother during the pandemic.

Alexander Keene & Kim Lane

Alexander Keene, a middle school teacher, interviews Kim Lane, a Registered Nurse, about her experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Donna Quinney Hendel and Quinn Hendel

Donna Quinney Hendel, native of Pierre, SD, retired Captain, Nurse Corps, US Navy, interviewed by grandson Quinn A. Hendel.

Nursing Is a Universal Language
February 18, 2020 App Interview

Nurse practitioner Juvi Lindsey and critical care nurse Marvin Delfin each immigrated to the United States and became nurses after witnessing the need for better care among the poor and vulnerable. In this conversation, they discuss the crucial role nurses...

Christian Diance & Scott Acord

Christian wanted to be a nurse from an early age after watching his immigrant mother get her nursing degree and help lift the family out of poverty. He also talks about his work with Stop the Bleed.

Linn Bartram and Dicki Franklin

Dicki Franklin (71) and her friend and former colleague Linn Bartram (65) discuss their many years of friendship, their careers in nursing and working together in Home Health Care.

Great thanksgiving listen

In this interview Katelyn Gallaher interviews her grandmother Diane Signorino‘s about her life and past knowledge she has required and wants to pass on along with story’s and traditions.

Interview with my mom

Asking questions about things that helped my mom grow as a person.