Roberta Dorow

Roberta Dorow worked the night shift as a step down cardiac nurse while also managing five children of her own. She has lived in places all around the world, and she tells people to make sure they keep smiling.

Moments with my mother

I talk to my mom about her life and becoming a nurse while being a single mother of 4.

Mios mis

Omar’s life story growing up in Mexico and becoming a US citizen

Erica Caneco and Kate Caneco

Erica Caneco of Middletown, DE talks with Kate Caneco of Staten Island, NY about her experience as a nurse who worked in a NYC hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic.

English project

We talked about her childhood. Then we talked about her job.

Suzy Banuelos & Rebecca Webster

Suzy & Rebecca both work for Providence Health in Napa California, but met because of their love of volunteer work they love to do in their community. One of those community outreach programs Providence works with is the Napa Resource...

Marla Barthen and Madeline Carpenter

Marla Barthen (50) shares a conversation with her mentee, Madeline Carpenter (20), about the women’s rights movement and what people of different generations can contribute to that movement.

Interview With My Mom

This interview talks about my mom's career as a nurse.

PLP English II Narrative: Becoming a Certified Nurse

Becoming a nurse requires endurance and strength, the interviewee describes their challenges and goals through their personal experience.

Haley Hotz Interviewing Peggy Hotz

In this interview, I talked with my grandmother, Peggy Hotz, about her childhood growing up in Virginia and what it was like raising three children. We talked about funny memories from her lifetime and about my dad when he was...

Interview With A Previous COVID-19 Nurse's Assistant

Morgan Lee (17) converses with her brother, Braxton Lee (22) about what it was like working as a non-certified nurse's assistant during the COVID-19 pandemic, only two years into his career. They discuss family, future plans, and happiness.

From battling addiction to trying to be the best mom, I’m really proud I didn’t give up.

Oyuny Bahena speaks with nurse Regina Vittore about her journey -- from battling heroin addiction and homelessness while pregnant to becoming the strong mom she is today. She credits her Nurse-Family Partnership nurses that stuck with her and guided her...

It’s not nice to starve little boys

Learn about living in a farm and being a nurse.

I would have to go with you to your parents to come and visit and do a couple stuff

Kelsita sits down with Princess Diana in an unventilated space within an art gallery to explore memory, prompted by preselected discussion questions.

Beth Peterson & Will Rogers

Beth, a nurse working in information services, recently won a nurse of the year award at Providence. She talks about the joy and rewards of her job, how things have changed because of the pandemic and what she has learned...

Social Media to Promote Nursing Health
February 18, 2020 App Interview

As critical care nurses and social media advocates for nurse wellness, Anna Rodriguez and Christiaan Letsinger understand how easy it is for nurses to burn out when they’re putting their patients before themselves. In this conversation, Anna and Christiaan discuss...

Interview with a CCRN

I was able to interview one of Mission Hospital's critical care nurses and was able to ask her about her experiences and overall life as a nurse. In this interview, she discusses schooling and work life as well as how...