Nurse Interview

I interviewed a nurse about her daily life and work.

Healthy Aging

Interviewing Cecile Rundlett, a current nurse, about aging gracefully.

Sheila Bolfa Interview

We talked about what she does for a living and her future career path

FYS Interview about the theme of Legacy Questions with Maria Walters RN, BSN by Charles Walters.

I interviewed my sister, Maria Walters for my First Year Seminar class at Marshall University. Our FYS class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtfully developed and artfully asked questions can lead to enriching and enlightening stories. Frank...

A Balancing Act
February 18, 2020 App Interview

Like many others in their field, critical care nurses Danielle Moody and Bethany Gleason are each juggling a fast-paced career with a busy home life. In this conversation, Danielle and Bethany discuss how their marriages keep them centered and offer...

Jerry and Candace Furlong

Jerry and Candace discuss there lives from childhood to adulthood to becoming grandparents from the 1950s to 2019.

Rising up

I interviewed my mom and she talked about how she had hard times growing up but rose up to be a very successful person within her family (13:50-18:05)

Christian Diance & Scott Acord

Christian wanted to be a nurse from an early age after watching his immigrant mother get her nursing degree and help lift the family out of poverty. He also talks about his work with Stop the Bleed.

House interview 8

Gram tells me about her childhood and being a nurse

A brief history of my grandpa
November 25, 2017 App Interview

My grandfather has experienced a lot of highs and low through out his life. Born in England he has been a lot of places and though a lot of experiences.

Plans and duties of my grandmother’s job

My grandmother is a nurse and enjoys her job. She took many steps to get to where she is now in her profession.

"It is hard." Reflection on working with cancer patients

Levi Huizenga talks with his mother about working as an oncological nurse, and what's difficult and meaningful about it.

Storycorps Interview

interviewing my mom, some questions were from what was available but i also asked questions of my own. My mom is my best friend so this was extremely comfortable and i enjoyed.

RVM Priscilla Peak

A compassionate person who loves having fun and has a very positive attitude. The trajectory of a nursing career. Selected highlights of a positive life

Living Life to the Fullest

Healthy aging in an older adult as told by my dad.

My Grandmother's Values

My grandmother talked about what her life was like growing up in Flint, Michigan. She talked on her parents, and what her job as a Nurse was like. She explains why her family is so important, and also her religion

Interview with a Nurse about aging.

Interview with my colleague at Sheppard Pratt as she is preparing to retire.

Interview with mother

I decided to interview my mother about her life in South Korea leading up to her current status in the United States.