Interview with my Grandma

My grandmother, Elizabeth Biss-Minerva was born in 1923 in Penn, Pennsylvania, a small town in the southwestern part of the state. She was born to an Irish-American mother and a first generation Czechoslovakian-American father. She married my grandfather, a first...

Process Research Essay Interview

Me and Mrs. Karen talked about how it is in the nursing profession and how the days of working as a nurse goes and what goes on behind the secnes at the hospitals.

Nurse Alda

Interviewing Alda about her future career in nursing.

Mama Bailey tells all

An interview with my mother Diana about her life and her career

Flora, my mom and muse

Daughter April Cantor interviews her mom, Flora Cantor about her experience as a child growing up in the Phillippines and her experience as an immigrant coming to the US and her career as a nurse in VA.

My Mother’s Work History & Experience

Me and my mother discussing about her past jobs/experiences in the work force. While learning some life lessons.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

She is my mother, I chose her because she is a great person and has a lot of interesting stories, I personally think the interview went great. This process went smoothly but it could’ve been improved by possibly getting it...

A Nurse’s Mind through COVID

My older sister and I discuss her career and how it has been altered by the COVID-19 pandemic. We talk about the increased safety measures, heightened monitoring of patients, and more changes in healthcare in this interview.

“What is it like to be a nurse?”

Today I am speaking with my mom on the lifestyle of a nurse and what is it like to live your dream job.

Nursing with Diane Ferreri

Grandson and grandmother talk about her 45 year long nursing career and highlights and low light therein. "It was a very rewarding career and I would not have selected anything else"

Colleen & Shannon

Interviewing my friend Shannon on her experience as a CSC nursing student

Con Dios Te Bendiga

Speaking with my grandma about her life as a nurse and facing adversities during the war in Nicaragua.

Jody Esselstyn and Michael Barnard

[Recorded Friday, December 10, 2021] Jody Esselstyn (50) and Michael Barnard (64) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Jody is a school nurse and mother of three living in suburban Charlottesville, and Michael is retired from a...

The Life of Rhonda Rogers

In this interview I talk with my Nana, Rhonda Rogers. We discuss topics such as parents, drugs, teenage years, and religion.

Randy Ruiz and Luz Ruiz
December 6, 2022 App Interview

Randy Ruiz (17) and Luz Ruiz (22) have a brief interview. They have an interview about growing up and Nursing school. They also talk about the biggest influence in Luz's life.

Thanksgiving listen with Nana By Eli Russell

My Nana and I talked about about what it was like in her childhood many years ago. It was fun talking and learning more about her life.

From trailer park to a successful nurse

This interview is about my Moms work career and the behind the scene moments that we don’t hear everyday.

Susan Kelley and Grace Kelley

Susan Kelley (57) sits down with her mother, Grace Kelley (89), to talk about her experience immigrating to the United States from Palestine, to discuss her passions for nursing and music, and to remember members of their family who have...