Maria Morales’s Interview with Gelena Arauz (Mom)

Learning more about my moms life and all the lessons that she has learned

Diane, retired teacher, talks about her family and reflects on her accomplishments as a teacher.

Diane (76) is asked about her childhood and family, as well as the people who affected her life the most. She reflects on her own and her son's weddings, as well as her daughter-in-law. Diane answers why she wanted to...

Life through the eyes of Yahaira Perdomo

In this interview conducted on October of 2018 in New York City, Orlando Caceres interviews his mother, Yahaira Perdomo on her experiences on life in the Dominican Republic, youth, motherhood and most recently her experience emigrating to the United States...

A greater insight to my family

I talk with my father of my childhood and his and how they compare. He spoke to me of his past and his current worries and what he is grateful for today.

Ethan Jensen interviews David Jensen about his childhood, work and events of his life.

David Jensen discusses how growing up on Long Island and other events in his life have shaped him. He then talks about his careers as a firefighter and nurse, the lessons these jobs taught him and his hopes for the...

Avery Salamone interviews her Mother Shannon on her life and how it has impacted her

Interview takes place April 8th 2021. Avery asks her mother questions about growing up and her life. Discussions of loved ones and family are said talking about the influence it had on her. Averys mom also take about the future...

ELHS: My Mother, Amelia

My mother talked about her life as a parent.

On the Topic of Love

Interviewing my mother about the concept of love, and her opinions on the importance of it, as well as the philosophy surrounding it.

Julie Oberdick and Jonathan Oberdick

Julie Oberdick (57) talks with her husband Jonathan "John" Oberdick (57) about first meeting as teenagers while both working at Kmart, getting married and having children, favorite memories together, and what they've learned from each other.

Identity and Faith: Growing Up Gay in the LDS Church

Tracey Fluegel (55) tells her son Oliver Fluegel-Murray (18) about her young adulthood after growing up in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Going into her struggles in discovering her sexuality and identity while in a culture that...

Juan Gayton loving father, husband, grandfather, and Vietnam War Vet

"I came to the conclusion that I was the most important person in my life". Ansel Flanagan interviewed his Grandfather, Juan Gayton. He discovered his life as a soldier, migrant worker, and father/husband.

Interview with my Mother
November 26, 2018 App Interview

( mom didn't want a picture ) Me and my mom discuss mainly about childhood and how it was like for her while growing up. She gives me some advice on some things and describes her wishes for my own...

Arwen and Ana Canino Fluit talk about childhood & parenthood

On Thanksgiving Weekend Arwen interviews her mother about her childhood in Puerto Rico, and what it was like to parent her.

Fatima Gomez discusses with her father Antonio how his life has been being a parent and immigrating to America.

The interview took place on November 26 in Chicago, IL in my parents’ store. My father, Antonio, was interviewed. He is 50 years old and I am 16. We discussed his life as a parent, his childhood life, his life...

JoAn Peters and Tom Peters

JoAn Peters (55) and her husband Tom Peters (70) open up together about their decision to have an abortion during their relationship, their marriage and what their family looks like now.

Interviewing My Dad

My Dad (Ross) talks with me (Luke) about his life experiences, going from his childhood to now. He talks about school, his family, jobs, and how he met my Mom. He also touches on some future plans he has.

Laura Gabbert and Ingrid Avery

Mother-Daughter interview exploring parenthood, sexism, and divorce.