Interview with Mom

In this interview with Aleida Balado Vega, my mother, we spoke about her childhood memories, who she was influenced by and. her most important lessons she has learned through her life. We also spoke about parenthood, love, and her job.

Thanksgiving Interview

In the interview my mother and myself spoke about parenthood and how that can mold a person into being what they are today.

4 gens. Bb1, bb2, bb3 and AM

Interviews my mother and granny on thanksgiving with my daughter present.


We discussed how she met my dad and about his proposal, as well as my childhood and what it was like raising me and my brother. We also talked about her experience growing up and her time at college.

Steele Johnson P3 English Interview

My Mother reflects on her life as a girl in the 80s, and what private school is like.

Through the Years

Walter Pearl Wilson, a loving grandmother and mother that goes by “Pearl” recounts growing up in rural Arkansas, growing into motherhood, and old age.

Interview with my Dad Joe Priola about his childhood and life throughout the years

Joe Priola talks and shares stories about his childhood on Long Island, how he turned his life around, working for the Long Island Railroad and his wonderful daughter.

Edson and his mother discuss her adventures.

Me and my mother dive deep into her childhood and adolecent years. She talks about moments with my father, her grandfather, and her belief in god. God plays a large role in her life as she has overcome many obstacles...

Ashley & Mom
November 17, 2018 App Interview

My mother and I discussing her childhood, how she likes to live her day to day life, and how the 2 intertwine.

“What do you remember about growing up in Chicago?”

My Grandfather, John Grey, has had an interesting upbringing moving from place to place with his family. He was raised as a young child in Chicago Illinois, and later moved to Dallas Texas with his family. In this interview, Me...

My Uncle’s Life Story

My uncle talks about growing up in Mississippi as well as his married adult life.

Michele’s HIV Story

Michele is 53 years old and has HIV. This is her story on how she got it.

Nana and Me

My grandma talks about her childhood and becoming a parent. She also talked about my father and his life growing up with a younger brother.

Interview with my Mom

My mom and I talked about her relationship with my dad, her husband. Then, we talked about raising me and my sister.

Stephen DeLay – Growing up, being a parent, and more

In this interview, conducted in November 2022 in Marin County, California, Tessa DeLay(15) interviews her father Stephen DeLay(54). Stephen reflects on his childhood and his experience as a parent as he gives Tessa life advice.

David Owusu and his Auntie Evelyn Barden talk about her life in Accra, Ghana

In this interview, conducted on 27 November 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, David Owusu(16) interviews his auntie Evelyn Barden(38) about her childhood and the person who has had a great influence in her life and the lesson that he or she...

Extra Credit: Thanksgiving StoryCorps

My mother talked about her past in Taiwan and the parenthood

My father’s life story

My father talks about his life as a child growing up in India. He than elaborates on his experience from Moving to America from India.

Culture Interview

I speak to my father about how he raised me.


We talked about my mother’s childhood and as well as her life now.


We talked about what life was like growing up for my father. We discussed several historical events that he lived through. We talked about his childhood and his parents and the stories that they have told throughout the years.