Today I interviewed Donna Scott about what it was like for her being a parent and raising me.

A Mother and Daughter Connect Over COVID-19

My mom and I discuss her working with COVID-19 data and our shared experiences during the pandemic.

Carolina and Susy: Journey into Motherhood

Carolina is a UMass student interviewing Susy as a part of a Public Health class project focusing on connection. This interview touches on Susy's experience when choosing to become a mom, adopting her son from Peru, and facing motherhood head...

Oma’s Interview

We talked about Oma’s childhood to her parenthood to her overall look on life. We explored her experiences and her life so far!

Marcia Broskey and Evelyn Yale

Marcia Broskey (75) and Evelyn Yale (21) talk about the differences of parenting between Marcia's generation and Marcia's children's generation. Marcia talks about what she thinks will be a constant parenting practice with the future generations of parents.

Grammy Interview ❤

After speaking with my grandmother, I was able to delve a bit deeper into her life ideals and motivations.

Grayson Sanders Interview

My mother answers questions about how her childhood influences who she is today.

“I Have a Wonderful Life”

Discussing mom's childhood, raising children, inner city teaching, losing parents.

Isabelle Mendoza and Alison Bell Interview

In this interview, my mom and I talk about views on parenthood and how she socialized me as a child.

A Strong Woman’s Life

Maria Moncada takes on an interview with her mother, Carmen Ramirez. In this interview they discuss her mother’s experiences and how she has came to be the strong woman that she is today.

What is it Like Being a Teacher and a Parent?

In this interview, I dive into the world of teaching from a parents point of view. The person who I am interviewing is my mom, Terry Brogan. She has been both a paraprofessional and an elementary school teacher and a...

Interview project.

This interview is between a mom and her daughter and in her words she described it as “the joy and blessings of parenthood and of being a mother.”

Patricia Watson Interview

In this interview, conducted November 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia, Gabriel Watson interviews his mother, Patricia Watson about her family lineage, expectations in life, siblings, the location of her upbringing, and what she is most prideful of in life

Mimi Interview

My grandma started off with a summary of her life. Then I asked her more specific questions.

English IV Final Project

Mrs. Rieff grew up on a farm, and was a part of the 4H personality improvement organization. She lived a very happenstance life, which ultimately led her from fashion to teaching and finally to counseling. She always try’s to do...

Thanksgiving Listen – Carlos Cordova

I interviewed my dad. We talked about how much my presence changed him and how parenthood affected his daily life.

Nana Interview

We talked about her childhood and where she’s lived. Along with this, we discussed life experiences and how they’ve impacted her life.

Things about Daddy

Father/daughter q&a with daughter interviewing. Questions about childhood, family, military service and parenthood.

“The happiest memories were probably everyday living”.

In this interview, conducted in December 2017 in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, Kate Sansom (17) interviews her grandmother Joan Conover (74) about her childhood, her life as a parent, and her life as a grandmother. Mrs. Conover shares stories about...

My Mother’s Story

i have interviewed my mother this evening. she tells her story and her story about my grandfather.

Roberta Miranda and Jacob Sidhom

Roberta Miranda (46) and her son Jacob Sidhom (23) discuss their relationship, their influences and the moments that have shaped their outlook on life.