TGTLP with my grandfather Bob Fisher about his life experiences, farm life, and flying.
November 30, 2019 App Interview

In this interview recorded on November 30th, 2019 in Hendersonville, NC my grandfather, Bob Fisher, talks about stories from his childhood growing up on a farm. He tells me about his later life of flying in the Air Force and...

Donald Harner and Amy Akao

One Small Step conversation partners Donald (Don) Harner (51) and Amy Akao (41), talk about their experiences on September 11, 2001 (this interview was conducted September 11, 2021), what the idea of “equality” means to them, and how the events...

Living History Pearl Harbor Project

My grandma describes her experience and her families during Pearl Harbor

Growing up in Hawaii

Okinawan American talks about growing up in Hawaii in 1930s and 1940s. She also talks about moving to CA to work in a famous hair salon in Beverly Hills called Ménage a Trois. Aunty also talks about her deceased husband,...

Granddad’s 100th birthday

Interview with John Busma by his granddaughter, Katie Harrold, on his 100th birthday about his life growing up on a farm in Montana, his service in the US Navy, and life in general.

Grandpa interview
November 26, 2015 App Interview

The life is Harold Arthur penny. Interviewed at age 86 years old.

Interview with Catherine Long

Me and Catherine Long sit down and discuss life as the daughter of a rail road worker and facing the adversity of helping her husband fight through MS.

What Happened to Yoshi?

Jack Smith’s best friend was kidnapped by the government, and he never saw him again. On January 5, 2020, Ayden Lord interviewed her grandpa, Jack Smith, in Studio City about his best friend Yoshi who was taken to a Japanese...


I weave my life into the greater story of 1934 to the present, the Great Depression, rural America, the child games we played, while man I would marry fire bombed Tokyo,the second world war, repression of the 1950s,west coast jitters...

World War II Interview
October 30, 2018 App Interview

Me and my grandpa talked about how WWII effected his life and and what it was.

Interview With Grandpa!

I asked my grandpa about who his parents where and how they came here

Meredith Wadman, 60, and her mother Barbara Greenfield Wadman, 90, in conversation on November 27 2020

Meredith Wadman: 2020-11-27 21:55:26 Meredith Wadman (60) and her mother Barbara Greenfield Wadman (90) discuss celebrating Barbara's 90th birthday on the eve of the coronavirus pandemic, and how Barbara's resilience, founded on a fundamental optimism, has kept her going these...

Interviewing my dad about his childhood and wonderful parents

My dad greatly misses his childhood and parents. His parents were immigrants and children of the Great Depression. His parents were hardworking and did everything they could do for the community. His father, John, served in the marines during World...

Living History Project- 1960s

My interview with my grandmother talking about the 1960s and her life during major events that happened.

A Grandfather's Memory of WWII

I read an except from a book I gave my grandfather many years before he passed away to share memories of his life. This thought on World War II always brings tears to my eyes. He was such a strong...

Nola Ross Interviewed by Evey McIntosh

8 year old Evelyn McIntosh interviews her great grandmother Nola Ross. Nola, or GG (Great Grandmother) and Evey are seated around the dining room table, surrounded by family. The conversation that ensues captures the personalities of both the interviewer and...