A Grandfather's Memory of WWII

I read an except from a book I gave my grandfather many years before he passed away to share memories of his life. This thought on World War II always brings tears to my eyes. He was such a strong...

Meredith Wadman, 60, and her mother Barbara Greenfield Wadman, 90, in conversation on November 27 2020

Meredith Wadman: 2020-11-27 21:55:26 Meredith Wadman (60) and her mother Barbara Greenfield Wadman (90) discuss celebrating Barbara's 90th birthday on the eve of the coronavirus pandemic, and how Barbara's resilience, founded on a fundamental optimism, has kept her going these...

Nola Ross Interviewed by Evey McIntosh

8 year old Evelyn McIntosh interviews her great grandmother Nola Ross. Nola, or GG (Great Grandmother) and Evey are seated around the dining room table, surrounded by family. The conversation that ensues captures the personalities of both the interviewer and...

Interview With Grandpa!

I asked my grandpa about who his parents where and how they came here

Interviewing my dad about his childhood and wonderful parents

My dad greatly misses his childhood and parents. His parents were immigrants and children of the Great Depression. His parents were hardworking and did everything they could do for the community. His father, John, served in the marines during World...

Living History Project- 1960s

My interview with my grandmother talking about the 1960s and her life during major events that happened.

Gramma Duzzy, born 1924

My son, age 8, interviews my gramma, age 93. He was most interested in her husband at Pearl Harbor.

A conversation with my Nana

A recount of our Native American ancestors, the First World War, the Korean Conflict, 9/11, and more

Maria Interviews Her Great, Great Aunts

I interview my great, great aunts, Ernestine DiLaureto and Henrietta Gardocki. They were born in the 1910’s and the 1920’s. We discuss their childhood, events that occurred in their lifetimes, and social norms of their time period.

World War II

Leo and Betty discuss their memories and experiences during WWII, started with their whereabouts when they heard about the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Dolores Lopez continued

Dolores discusses the second world war and it’s effects on her family. She also talks about the US as a melting pot.

Mackenzie Kingerski Interviews Grandpa John O'Donnell About His Life

This interview was between Mackenzie Kingerski (14) and her grandpa, John O'Donnell (84) on November 29, 2015 in Penn Hills, PA. In the interview he shares stories and information about his childhood, as well as important events when he was...