Imani Christopher and her Great Grandmother talk about segregation and family.

Me and my great grandmother had a conversation about what it was like to live in segregation. We talked about her family, and what it was like being married to a police officer.

Me and my sister

This is an interview with my sister who has an illness.

My sister

I had interviewed my sister about her life and what I mean to her!

My talk with Gabbie #engl1301xp05

Interviewed my sister for a school project

Kylie’s interview

I interviewed my sister about herself & i

Sister interview

Sisters talk about their grandmother. One is rushing through the moments

My sista

A story about the progression of my relationship with my sister.

Interviewing my sister

I interviewed my sister and we talked about her childhood and who she was influenced by. We also talked about some of her greatest memories in general and of me

An Interview with my Sister
November 25, 2018 App Interview

We talked about my sister’s past, aspirations, and personality traits (including the things that she regrets and wishes she could do again).

Interview with Sumerlyn

My sister talks about her hip replacement she recieved at a young age.


it was interesting to get to know things i did not know about my sister christina moss, she is a very interesting gal and i liked interviewing her cause she is very important to me

Brother interviewing Sister .

This interview is abouty sister and what she has gone through most of her life. She gives advice and future messages to her brothers and grandchildren.

A real wedding surprise

My grandpa tlaked about this bizar moment that had occurred on his wedding day, 38 years ago, he had received a phone call from his half sister. He then talked about how later on there was a family reunion that...

Anu’s Thanksgiving Listen

I had an interesting conversation with my Godmother about her life and how that made her become the person she is today.

Grandmother tells grandchild about her life

Grandmother Loretta Fitch, along with her daughter Coleen tells granddaughter Olivia Fitch about her life as a child growing up with neither parent. She also tells Olivia about her experience as a mother and how much her children meant to...

Interview with my Sister

School, writing, friends, and more with a vibrant young woman