Interview With Jordan Levenberg: “Meeting the Sisters I Never Knew I Had”

Jordan Levenberg talks about their experience contacting their biological sisters for the first time at age 15.

Interview with my sister

I got the opportunity to interview my sister, Cheney, about her background and her life in the study of Biology.

Thanksgiving listen nw-wccc

I interviewed my little sister so you can see inside the mind of a four year old

Julie and Valerie interview

My sister and I talked about my sister's experience of doing the right thing

Sr. Susanne Hartung & Mary Anne Sladich-Lantz with Rosanne Ponzetti

Dear friends, Sr. Susanne & Mary Anne, shared stories of their long friendship, what drives them to do the work they love so much, and their faith & faith traditions. Sr. Susanne also talked about have cancer twice and the...

Jess Rainey interview

Younger sister interviews older sister on what her life was like as a kid

Interview With My Sister

We talked about how her life has been an experience and how she learned so much in her 24 years of living.

entrevista con mi hermana

Jeanna Ceja - 16 years old, older sister Jimena Ceja - 13 years old, younger sister

Going from an only child to sharing everything with a new baby sister.

Learning how to deal with a new sibling and all the hardships that comes with it. How does Haley manage a new sister?

5th Grade Sister Talks About Her Interests In Life, and as well as Her School Life

Junie Chen, a fifth grader talks about her life shifting from an elementary schooler to becoming a middle schooler. "As long as you try, you get a good grade" as she quotes from her gym teachers, which is her favorite...

Laura Frei has many good memories of the county library and believes the area was blessed to have it

Recording April 24, 2018 – As a child, Laura Kay Paxman Frei and her sister, Vickie Ann Paxman Hatch, walked two miles with an armload of books to the St. George Library. After returning books, the girls loaded back up...


American teen....... stuff...

Evelyn Cope and Mike Burkett Part 2 of 3

Evely Burkett interviewing her brother Mike Burkett at his home in Arizona. Part 2 of 3

Life with my sister

We talked about our childhood and the future.

A Gift of Life
November 23, 2019 App Interview

In 1985 my mother Marianne received the news her older brother Dennis had been diagnosed with leukemia. She tells the story of how the news was broken to her, the search for a bone-marrow donor, her donation and his remission.

IRED 320 interview

This was an interview between me and my sister

Interview with my dad

I chose to interview my dad because I knew a little bit previously about his childhood, and I knew he liked talking about it. He had a very interesting and filled childhood so I thought of him as a great...


interview with my little sister