covid-19 interview

this is interview with myself and my sister on covid-19 and social distancing and how it has effected us.


We talked about her childhood and stuff that she wishes could have been different.

Interview with Alicen Simpson

I interview my younger sister about her life and some of her memories/inspiration she has experienced throughout the years

Evelyn Cope and Mike Burkett Part 2 of 3

Evely Burkett interviewing her brother Mike Burkett at his home in Arizona. Part 2 of 3

The Great Listen: Me and My Mom

Here I interviewed my Mom in Fort Mill SC, on the 19th of January, 2020. We talked about love, boys, and advice with relationships. Cancer in your life during and after, family and the effects they've had. A little bit...

Julie and Valerie interview

My sister and I talked about my sister's experience of doing the right thing

Thanksgiving project (interviewing my mom)

We talked about who she missed and her memories. Also the dumbest thing she ever did and if she had any regrets.

“Challenge yourself for what you think you can’t do.”

On December 1st, 2019, Karina Lo speaks with Belinda Lo, who is her mother. Karina asks Belinda about her childhood and the experience from when she came to America. They discuss about the hardships and challenges Belinda went through to...

My sister and I

This interview was about my older sister who is one of my role models and we were talking about how her life was in high school

Life with my sister

We talked about our childhood and the future.

IRED 320 interview

This was an interview between me and my sister

Anu’s Thanksgiving Listen

I had an interesting conversation with my Godmother about her life and how that made her become the person she is today.

Thanksgiving listen nw-wccc

I interviewed my little sister so you can see inside the mind of a four year old

Interview With My Sister

We talked about how her life has been an experience and how she learned so much in her 24 years of living.

My sista

A story about the progression of my relationship with my sister.

5th Grade Sister Talks About Her Interests In Life, and as well as Her School Life

Junie Chen, a fifth grader talks about her life shifting from an elementary schooler to becoming a middle schooler. "As long as you try, you get a good grade" as she quotes from her gym teachers, which is her favorite...

A Gift of Life
November 23, 2019 App Interview

In 1985 my mother Marianne received the news her older brother Dennis had been diagnosed with leukemia. She tells the story of how the news was broken to her, the search for a bone-marrow donor, her donation and his remission.

Jess Rainey interview

Younger sister interviews older sister on what her life was like as a kid


Two girls try to articulate what it’s like to have a sister

My sister

My sister speaks about her experiences and the things she expected with covid 19.

My sister life

Life of my older sister. Including her memories and life experiences/lessons

Meaningful Questions with Eileen DaSilva

We spoke on the legacy of Eileen DaSilva, and the people that she is most grateful for in her life. We also spoke on her hopes for me and our relationship together.

Interview with my sister on life.

I did this for a class assignment but I more about my sister and it was interesting to know ber answers to the questions because I would know what she was gonna answer with.