Interviewing Jazmine

Interviewing a future elementary teacher. Who is currently a mini- Corp tutor and helps out students in the areas they are struggling and learning about her life.

Special Education?

Special Education and what it means to teach it today in Georgia.

Lee Harper and Norma Dobbins

[Recorded Wednesday, April 27, 2022] Lee Harper (59) and Norma Dobbins (67) recorded a conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. They talked about their political narratives, families, and reflected on the influential people in their life. They touch on categorization, ignorance, motherhood,...

Sarah Bailey-Price and Angela Kwok

One Small Step participants Sarah Bailey-Price (27) and Angela Kwok (44) discuss their backgrounds in education, how the COVID-19 pandemic affected their lives and families, and the healthcare system in Oklahoma.

Shawn McInerney, Midland CEO, Discusses Midland History with Dr. Ed Scagliotta, Founder of The Midland School in NJ.

On July 20, 2017, Midland's current President & CEO, Shawn M. McInerney, interviewed Dr. Edward Scagliotta, Former Executive Director and Founder of The Midland School - a nonprofit School and specialized program for children and young adults with intellectual and...

Gail Yost and Roger Yost

Wife and husband Gail Yost [no age given] and Roger Yost (71) speak about their careers, their children, and their retirement.

Interviewing Taylor Anderson

In this interview we talked about Taylor’s professional live of being a special education coach and her life all around the world

Teaching Special Education in a Pandemic

For my interview I talked to my mom, Laura Griffin, who is a special education teacher at a middle school in Eugene, Oregon. I learned a lot about the struggles she has experienced as a teacher, and how she has...

Special educations students being forgotten about in harsh nyc school system
November 23, 2018 App Interview

Uncle Phil discusses discusses segregation in the funding of New York City public schools that are mostly minorities

Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my aunt about her job, a special education teacher.

Kathy Lane and Leigh Busby

One Small Step partners Kathy Lane (59) and Leigh Busby (41) talk about education and their families. They reflect on how their perspectives on privilege have been shaped over time.

Fancy from Delancey

Steve discusses his journey from his youth on New York’s Lower East Side to owning a popular store with his partner in Cherry Grove on Fire Island. Steve reflects back on all that impacted his life, loves and important friendships.

Grandma was a rebel, yet still a great special ed teacher?

Sometimes life does not go as planned, so expect change. This video talks about growing up, becoming an educator, and then watching your family change throughout the years.

the best memories of my last year!

Hi, my name is William Clifford and I interviewed my special Ed caseload teacher, Audra Lowery. we talked about my senior year and the bond we share.