Living Through 9-11
November 25, 2017 App Interview

We talked about one woman’s experience on 9-11. We also talked about what she felt and her thoughts on the event.

A Tragic Day
November 27, 2017 App Interview

9/11 caused fear in many places schools sent kids back, but never kept the people from continuing

La Historia de Mi Papa

A story of my father Marco who is an immigrant, Catholic, and loving person. Listen to this unique, funny and interesting story. / Una historia de mi padre, un inmigrante, Católico, y persona lleno de amor. Escuchen esta historia chistosa,...

Interview with Jerry Budwig

We talked about Jerry’s life and advice

Brandon Kim Interview project

We interviewed my Mother who owns a buisness after working very hard as a nail specialist. I decided to interview my mother because she is the hardest worker i know who is also a successful business owner. She was motivated...

“With your ability to persevere you will become stronger and you can pave a smoother path for your future children”

My mother has experienced many hardships throughout her life and this interview gives her an opportunity to share some of these experiences, and open up to someone. These hardships gave her valuable life lessons that she can part to not...

Childhood of my Older Sister

My older sister, Jie Chen, who attended to the school both in China and America.She is 27 years old, and married to a young man in China. In this interview, we talk about how my sister meet her husband, what...

‘Til We Could No Longer Stand the Tear Gas

Mrs. Taylor talks about the how the North Koreans assasinated the First Lady of South Korea in 1974. She lived in South Korea in the early 70s.


This is an interview of me getting to know my father more. I haven't lived with my father for a long time so I think this is a great experience for me and him

“Not to sweat the small stuff and pick your battles” ~Aimee Torio

My mom and I talk about her past and how the people closest to her affected her identity and how her mistakes and learning from those mistakes influenced the strong and brilliant woman that my mom came to be.

Jane McGiveney interview

In this interview I talked with my Grandmother Jane McGiveney about her life.

Mr. Edney shares about his life
December 7, 2018 App Interview

Lydia, who is in 8th grade, interviews her father for The Great Thanksgiving Listen. In this interview Jeff talks about childhood memories and important lessons he has learned. He is asked about what events stick out to him. He talks...

A Mother’s Lessons

An interview in which Saeema Sajjad was interviewed by Tabeer Sajjad and Saeema's childhood and lessons that she learned as a child were brought into light. Her past experiences with her family and the lessons she has learned from them...

The great Thanksgiving listen

The person I'm going to be interviewing is my mom. She has been the person I've looked up to but. Ever really knew much about. Maybe I just didnt ask, determined to find out about the woman i call my...

Interview with my Mother

In this interview, I interview my mother about her childhood, family, and memories. She explains how she wants to affect others and be remembered as someone who helped and influenced them to do better. Family has been a major part...

Interview with Grandma
November 20, 2019 App Interview

In this interview my Grandma and I talked about life in Cleveland, growing up, meeting her husband, jobs, memories, and her dreams for her Grandchildren. My Grandma tells some stories about when she was a child going for ice cream...

Neptaly and Armando talk about the past and today “how were your parents like?”

In my intwerview with my dad I talk to him about his past and today. I ask him a few questions about him and how his parents were. I ask him about my sisters when we were little and ask...

Take advantage of every opportunity that is given to you, and treasure every moment you have

In this interview conducted on December 1st 2019 in flushing queens, Lucas Moore interviews his father Robert Moore on his childhood. He explains his hardships that he faced in a poor family, and the things he never was able to...