A Veterans Profile -Kris Robinson

Talked about various experiences about the navy life, before during and after.

Life in the Navy

Veteran reflecting upon his 20 years in the Navy

Healing the Divide

I interview my grandfather, a veteran, on the 2016 presidential election, the divide, and on the future.

Veteren’s interview with Brian McMullen

We talked about Brian’s experiences in the Marine Corps, words of wisdom, and advice for future leaders in the military.

Interview With Anna Crum and Francis Newnam

This interview is about childhood in the 1930s, childhood memories and life with family of ten during the Great Depression.

The Greatest Thanksgiving Listen 2018

This interview was recorded on Thanksgiving 2018 in the Spence living room. The interview included my mom Kim, and myself. She had discussed what living in different places during her childhood was like as well as some of her favorite...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about my grandfather’s service in the Navy and Airforce Reserve.

Steve Davis Part 1-Mead High School-Alexis Yeoh

Mr. Steve Davis talked about his duties as an American and how he felt about his vote for the 2016 Presidential election. He talked about his biggest influence and how the person has impacted his vote.

Veteran for a father

This story is me and my step father a man who’s been there for me even during the war, and after, he tells his story and depiction of Afghanistan and helps me to understand how great of a man he...

Matthew Philip Wee and Jared Strickland

Matthew Philip Wee talks with Jared Strickland about his military service and preparation for the future through the Shift SkillBridge Internship course.

Cole Johnson & Paul Cummings

Cole Johnson interviews Paul Cummings on his experience serving 20 years in the U.S. Navy and his transition to the private sector. Paul explains various IT related functions and how he would handle each situation.

Veteran Interview

Interview with Major Retired Donovan

A Social Worker’s Journey to Serving America’s Heroes

A social worker from the Department of Veterans Affairs shares his fondest memories and talks about his path to becoming a social worker as well as his experiences with the We Honor Veterans program and how he became chair of...

Veteran Interview

An interview about my father’s experience in service.

Salem High School NJROTC VETS TO CADETS – Petty Officer 1st Class James Clinton

Petty Officer First Class James Clinton shares his story of the military life. He explains the benefits and the challenges he had overcome as he worked further in the service.