"That day they put a gun to my head"

Julie Vu interviews her dad Tong Vu in her room on December 1st about his life back in Vietnam. Tong Vu describes his relationship with his family and what he did to help them. He talks about experiences and hardships...

Ken Davis talks about Childhood and his military experience

My uncle (Ken Davis) talks about his childhood experiences. As well as the lessons he’s learned from the military and life.

My Grandpa Talks About his Experience at Ohio State University During the Vietnam War

I talked to my grandpa about his college experience during the Vietnam War. His memories include instances of riots, tear gas, and tanks on the Ohio State Campus. He also talks about his most vivid memories, his childhood, and his...

Generations Interview
December 6, 2019 App Interview

We asked questions to a senior, Jan Baird

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandpas life and what he has been through and what his life was like when he was younger. What it was like to be in the military and what he went through during his years of life.

Story time!

My uncle and I discuss they different parts of his life that carried different amounts of meaning and purpose

Stories From a Bangladeshi Freedom Fighter

In this interview, Dr. Nuran Nabi chats with his grandniece about the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971 and his involvement in it. He speaks about his participation in a group called the “Freedom Fighters”, a social activist group that fought...

My Thanksgiving Listen Thing

In this video I discuss a multitude of topics with my Grandma and how it has affected her life.

The Great Listen a History of Life

This is a brief history of how my grandmother went from small town West Virginia to Rochester, New York.

A man who is a husband, a father, and grandfather, shares what it was like to live in the Phillipines and the U.S.
November 24, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, recorded in Manhattan Beach, California, Florentino Vinzon (83) is interviewed by Jonny Nguyen (13). Florentino talks about what it was like living in the Philippines as a child, living in the U.S. as a filipino immigrant, fighting...

Be good to everybody

My father talks about his life in Nicaragua, wars, and how he survived a desert to be with my mother.

Just some of the many stories from my Spanish Teacher Ms. Bochow

My Spanish teacher Ms. Bochow is always telling us stories for nearly the whole class so when I got the chance to interview her, I took it. While it is still 40 some minutes long, we could’ve gone on for...

Colombia POV

My Grandmother and Mother explain some of the history Colombia has, and the the controversies that occur

A Soldier’s Story

My amazing Grandad is going to tell a bit about the life of a soldier.

Thanksgiving listen

Talking to my grandpa about his childhood and his early education. I learned some things that I didn’t know about him before.

Interview Assignment

Life with a husband in the Air Force, his death and her following his death.


This is a recording of my grandmother, barbara sifflard, sharing the stories of her life, her perfect love story, and the memories of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.