The Great Depression and WWII

I talked to her about her experience during WWII.

Grammie Sue Slater

My Grammie shared about her childhood, favorite memories and grandparents and me, and also advice for herself and others.

Grandpa Interview

I interviewed my grandpa about his time serving in the army

The Cold War

Me and Ed talk about what it was like to grow up during the Cold War. We talk about how it affected us in long term. Also about what it was like in Russia at the time.

My Mom and Her Life

Here Nico, 16 years old, interviews. This is about my mom (51) and her life before and during covid. She first talks about her growing up and life lessons she’s learned. Then she talked about her life in the military...

World War Two in the eyes of Anne Marie Pickard

My grandmother describes her encounters with the war that started right as she turned 6 years old

Interview with Jude Luevano- 5/23/23

Today I’m interviewing Jude Luevano about his favorites eras and his family’s personal war stories.

Being an Immigrant

A woman coming to the U.S. because of war in her country.

Interview with Grandpa

I interviewed my grandfather about his life experiences as a lawyer and father.

Vietnam interview

I interview my grandpa about the vietnam war