Mattie Williams and Lindsay Williams

Mattie and Lindsay (not related that we know of) spoke today about what it's like to get through COVID-19 year, be LGBTQ+ congregants of a progressive Mennonite church, and the 50th anniversary of Peace Mennonite Church Dallas. Recorded by Lindsay...

Self Discovery

This interview talks about self-identity and discovering what that means to us. As well as sexuality and things that aren’t what society would consider the “norm.”

Story corps project

This is my story corps interview with my pastor Kevin who is one of the few openly gay pastors in Chicago and was ordained as the first openly gay pastor in his church in Oklahoma

Evan Long and Jose Salgado

Evan Long (35) shares a conversation with his friend, Jose Salgado (56), about education in the United States and Honduras. They also discuss the role of prayer, spirituality, and hope.

Michelle Parkerson and Maria Santiago

Michelle Parkerson (67) relates the arc of her career to Maria Santiago (35). She credits her parents for supporting her early artistic leanings, including her appreciation for jazz, writing, and acting. Parkerson tells of her time at Temple University, where...

“The hardest person to come out to was myself” Siobhan and Erin interview Anne and Mary

Anne and Mary have been married 30 years. Their niece Siobhan and her wife Erin interview them about their journey coming out to themselves and their families and building their lives together.

My mom’s big gay journey.

My mom and I talk about her growing up in small town Florida as a gay kid during the 80s and 90s.

Lisa Love and Tara Cheston

This interview is part of the DCPS LGBTQ and Sexual Health Program's holiday storytelling project: A Very LGBTQ+ Holiday Audio Album.

Donnell Graves and Kelvin Powell

Friends Donnell Graves (61) and Kelvin Powell (50) talk about their identity, being raised by amazing mothers, and the love and appreciation they have for Boston.

Barb Maglaqui & MaCherie Dunbar

Tech Sgt. MaCherie Dunbar was deployed twice to Iraq in 2007-2008. At StoryCorps, MaCherie told her then-girlfriend, Barb Maglaqui, about one of the hardest things she had to do while overseas. WHERE ARE THEY NOW? MaCherie retired from the Air...

Wade Arvizu and Elizabeth Scaife break down the anti-trafficking movement’s past, present, and future.

Wade Arvizu (aka K.D. Roche) and Elizabeth Scaife candidly discuss the evolution of the anti-human trafficking movement and the importance of survivor leadership within every aspect. They reflect on the humble beginnings of their friendship and their hopes for future...

Common Ground Tacony Oral History Project: Charles Tyson Jr.

A fairly recent transplant from West Philadelphia to Tacony, Charles is an artist, singer, dancer and event producer in the performing arts of Philadelphia. Charles gives insight into his involvement in the flourish Art scene in Tacony, also known as...

Two Generations of Trans Students Meeting

Z. Gutierrez (He/Him/His), a junior at Westridge school, interviews his alumnus, Elliott Snow (They/Them/Their), to discuss their transition journey, experience at Westridge, and life as a trans adult.

Struggles within the LGBTQ and Adopted community.

We talk about her experience in these communities and how she feels about certain topics about being adopted and gay.

A sketch of my life

Shessa reads a sketch of her life as a collector, the problems it caused and her spiritual struggle. She includes her story of coming into her non-binary identity.

My coming out of closet

In this interview I resume how my coming out of closet experience was