Border to border to boarding school

Traveling, boarding school, and even some crazy memories, the many things Jaqui Zerouni and Grace Telegdy discussed in November of 2017. As Grace and Jaqui went into depth about Jaqui’s childhood, as she explains all the amazing differences of living...

Kate Sanchez and Amol Kulkarni: A 38 Year Old Happy Interracial Marriage

Kate Sanchez (68) and Amol Kulkarni (66) talk about how their diverse childhoods and societal mores have influenced their 38 year old interracial marriages. They reflect on the challenges and benefits of being in an interracial marriage and its impact...

me and mom!

in this interview I learned about my moms life before me, and with me. I asked her questions about interests and hobbies and got to know her more and how I can contribute and be in her life more.

Keith White and Rosa White

Brother and sister Keith White (35) and Rosa White (30) talk about their family’s history as Black farmers and how the two of them have returned to the agriculture space. They also discuss how they use agriculture as a means...

what we take for advantage

We talked about my dad’s time in the Peace Corps and how that has been an influence in his life. Subsequently, we reflected in his life and conversed about what he wants now.

Pamela Ching and Wiedad "Roodly" Archer

Colleagues and friends Pamela Ching (61) and Wiedad "Roodly" Archer (52) have a conversation about their careers, beginning as nutritionists and moving into public health, including stories about their time working in various foreign countries and lessons they learned from...

Delores Friesen and Bonnie Dibble

One Small Step conversation partners Delores Friesen (81) and Bonnie Dibble (62) have a conversation about the current political divide, historical events, and working as educators.

Barbara Roberts and Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer "Jenny" Roberts (60) interviews her mother, Barbara Roberts (84), about her upbringing, family memories, community involvement, and travel stories.

Pearl White and Kristi White

Kristi C. White (51) has a conversation with her mother, Pearl White (84), about her career as an educator, parenthood, and faith.

Captain Barnes

I asked my dad a few questions about him and his life.

Gioya DeSouza-Fennelly and Anasa Scott

Gioya DeSouza-Fennelly (57) tells her former colleague Anasa Scott (36) about her efforts working as an environmental and science educator.

Nigerian culture

In this interview we talked a little bit about Nigeria and its culture.

RVM Earl Kroner Part II

A wonderful life of loving relationships and having adventures around the world. I'm 86 now, Madeleine is 88 as we build our new life, which we call our final bite - which is always the best.

Malin Brenk

Malin Brenk is a huge part of Kvinna kvinna in Rwanda, Eastern DR Congo and Liberia. this organization helps with gender equality in those areas.

Interview with Dad
December 31, 2023 App Interview

This is an interview with my 58-year-old father Scott regarding his adventures in Africa and more.

My iterview

We talked about Africa. We talked about family and growing up.