Pandemic 2020

This was a conversation with my mother about how the global pandemic, COVID-19, has impacted her life.

Sadie Kyle and Chris Bowser (Granddaughter and Grandfather)

Sadie Kyle: 2020-05-13 21:44:06 Granddaughter (14) talks to Grandfather (69) about his childhood, life, and experiences with Covid-19.

Clifford Mack and Brian Purcell

Clifford Mack (56) talks to his friend, Brian Purcell (48) about their friendship and Clifford helping his nephew, Mickey.

Jennifer "Jiffy" Page and Carl Tyler

Jennifer "Jiffy" Page (56) has a conversation with her friend Carl Tyler [no age given] about her son, Daniel's, suicide in 2000 at 19 years old, how she and her family have coped with it, and her feelings regarding suicide...

Sharron Brown and L.C. Myles

Dr. L.C. Myles Jr. (54) interviews his wife, Ambassador Dr. Sharron J. Brown (51), about her life, touching on her experiences with abuse and human trafficking, and her life now writing and speaking on those topics.

Mom’s Pleasant Memories.

Remembering, working, 1st Fairfield CA Grand Jury Forman, Military Wife, her special friend as two widows and remembering her daughter who died of breast cancer 11 years ago.

WSA founder Katie Reily, on the ROOTS of The Waldorf School of Atlanta.

Katie Reily planted the seeds that would grow and blossom into The Waldorf School of Atlanta. What started as an inspired idea and small home classroom, over three decades ago - continues to thrive as the ever-growing Waldorf community in...

"In spite of many bumps along the road, I feel blessed in many ways."

My Poppie, who grew up in the South, recalls events from his childhood, like memories of his suburban neighborhood, his grandfather’s farm, and the assassinations of Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. Later, he summarizes his college years, how he...

Younger Gus

Speaking about family and aspirations.


I talked about wonderful memories of my family and friends. It was fun to relive the ‘old days’ with my sweet grandson, Huston. Some of the people and stories he had heard about, but I think there were a few...

11/25/18 Dad

We talked about his life and his regrets and what he would do differently if given the chance

Gigi Core

we talked about where she grew up and when she met my dada