911 with Betty

We talked about 911 and how it affected our country as a whole and Betty. She shared her story

Grove Park: a changing neighborhood

Jessa recounts the many changes she has seen in just one year since her moving there. She explains her vision for the community and how powerful resident voices can be when unified.

Grove Park changes over last decade

Education and the arts are so important for this community. Be ready for change.

Residual Feelings of Segregation

The interviewee, my aunt, was alive for the transition period of integrating black students into segregated schools.

Growing up Indian in America with Vanita Gupta

Born in India, my mom came here at a very young age. This was the land of opportunity but also very scary to be tossed in a new culture with a new language and having to figure out things day...

Experiences with death, dying and loss

Today we talked about my experiences with death and how I’ve coped with the loses in my life.

Interpersonal communication interview with My Mom

Interview with my mom where I ask her about if she’s proud of me and what advice she’d give her younger self.

Amare family heritage 2

Today I talked to my Nana who gave some interesting answers that I didn’t know about and had a lot of fun recording my interview

Alif Institute: Awad Awad

US Army Veteran Ben Dininger interviewing Awad Awad, a professor at the University of North Georgia. They speak on Arab culture, being an Arab-American, and life in general.

A Message For Self-love

Join us to get to know Ms. Jessica Blinkhorn, an art teacher with a wonderful personality, shares her performance in NY City, her view on the world, hatred, and self-love.

Jay Sparks

Me and Jay discuss the importance of representing queer women of color in art.

Interview With My Mom

We talked about my mom’s family heritage, her history, and asked some interesting questions.

Younger Gus

Speaking about family and aspirations.

John Atkinson, Sr. Family

John Atkinson, Sr. bought property on Holly St. and Simpson Rd. and his GA Supreme Court case ended redlining and mortgage blocking in GA.

Grove Park: Turnipseed Family

The Turnipseed family grew up in Grove Park and left during the Great White Flight.