From Manila to America

Emille Cipriano-Trudeau moved from Manila, Philippines and lived in Chicago, Quebec, San Francisco, and Austin. She left her homeland to explore other opportunities.

Attitude of Gratitude Brown

This is my aunt Tracy, and this is who I wish to become someday.

Darden Smith: Singer/Songwriter

Darden Smith is a singer/songwriter and also the founder of multiple non-profit organizations. The one he is working on now is called Songwriting with: Soldiers.

Zulina’s Immigration Story

After being abandoned by Zulina’s father, her mother decided to leave everything behind and start a new life for her and her two daughters and head to the United States to find a job, give a better education to them,...

Childhood Memories

Shweta Latawa, Indian working mother of 2, talks about her childhood and how it had an impact on her character. Shweta talks about what major events shaped her life as well as what values her childhood taught her.

Thanksgiving Interview with my Kenyan Mama

Interviewing my mom over Thanksgiving holiday on the importance of literacy, education, and languages as a bridge to cultures.

Storytelling interview

I interviewed my grandmother who lived in Austin for most of my life and we just talked and got personal and shared feelings.

Story Corps Interview with Dr. James Vaughan on his experiences with Race & Identity

This Interview is an assignment for the AAS4013 : Race & Identity through Pop Culture class taught by Professor Martina McGhee at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I conducted this interview with James Vaughan, Ph.D. to learn more...

Interview History project

For my Histoy project I talked to my Grandma about her good and bad memories growing up.

Talk with Pops

I got to sit down with my dad to talk to him about his early life in Arizona, Utah, and Texas. A unique experience in which I learned a lot

Tracy Yellen and Ruben Vogt

Tracy Yellen (52) interviews her friend Ruben Vogt (38) about his early life, political career, public service, and LGBTQIA+ rights. The two also discuss the El Paso mass shooting that occurred in 2019 and Ruben chairing the One Fund committee,...

Parveen Momin and her daughter Nuha Momin talk about growing up in Hyderabad, Pakistan

In this interview conducted in November 2017 in Austin, Texas, Nuha Momin (16) interviews her mom Parveen Momin (53) about her childhood life in Pakistan. Mrs. Momin shares stories about what her father told her and how working hard was...

Sarah McKibben and Mac Montana 2021

Mac and Sarah discuss meeting, falling in love and getting engaged during (and because of) a global pandemic.


Today we talked about how my grandma underwent surgery

Years at fulmore

This story is about my dad and his years at fulmore middle school

Mother Rebecca

Rebecca Amador, 35, and she is my mom. in this interview we discussed how her childhood was like when she was younger and her relations with her family.

Literacy first interview

In this interview I spoke with a friend about her experience with reading and learning how to read.