Megan Daly interviews Michaelena Sheehan on her relationship with her relatives.

We talked about her family and what they’re like. We also discussed her pets and nicknames.

Juan Partida’s Life

My dad, Juan Partida, shares about his early childhood, favorite family traditions, and how he met my mom.

Living History Project: Recorded Interview (Cold War & Immigration)

I interviewed my father on life during the Cold War in Yugoslavia. In addition, he explained his immigration journey to the United States.

Grandma Gail

Grandma Gail spoke about her childhood friends, school and family.

The Ways of Life

I ask My grandpa questions to know more about who he is and how he got to where he is today. Learning life lessons, and things that should be passed down through generations.

Ariyah Smith and Aaron Atkins

Ariyah Smith [no age given] and her friend, Aaron Atkins (32), talk about family, friends, race, growing up in Alton, IL, and how the COVID-19 Pandemic has affected their lives.

The Power of Music Sam Berggren and Duane Percival StoryCorps Connect Jan 26 2021 9:58 pm

Sam Berggren interviewed her grandpa, Duane Percival (78), about his relationship with music growing up and his time in the Navy.

Chris Raap with Olsin Twomey

Long time Evergreen Park librarian (40 years) talks about growing up in the area, helping students and the changes she's seen in the library.

Novel Recommendations: Ensuring a Complete Education. Mark and Annie Huetteman talk book recommendations and the impact of literary merits.
September 14, 2018 App Interview

In this recording Annie Huetteman interviews her father, Mark Huetteman, about how literature has played a role in his life. He recommends to her a literary merit to complete her high school education.

Lit life: Ramona Dawson and Nichole Dawson discuss “Little Women”

In this recording mother and daughter discuss the main issues of little women, and how our generation understands those lessons differently.