Roberta Dorow

Roberta Dorow worked the night shift as a step down cardiac nurse while also managing five children of her own. She has lived in places all around the world, and she tells people to make sure they keep smiling.

The Great Thanksgiving listen

The life of my grandpa was talked about during this interview, along with his memeries and stories.

Kenshin Sugimoto and Koushi Murayama(*Japanese)

Kenshin Sugimoto(13) talks with his grandfather, Koushi Murayama(78) about his childhood, and challenges he faced in life. He talks about how his family was poor, and how he came to work at a marketplace, and how he works as a...

Championship Dinner…but whose paying?

I had my dad tell a story from when he lived in Japan and quite nearly struck gold.

Robert Sennett

He enlisted in the airforce si he wouldn't be drafted and he was thankful to be able to serve his country.

StoryCorps DIY Project Interview with My 91-Year-Old Grandpa

I, Sam Anderson interviewed my 91-year-old grandpa about his childhood, time in the Navy during the Korean War, and raising a family in the 60s.

Oz Geoghegan’s international childhood; growing up in different continents

Talking to my Japanese mother about her life growing up and how moving influenced her childhood and later life decisions.

Interview with Grandpa

We talked about my grandpas life when he was younger, his experience in the Vietnam War, and his reflections on his life.

Oh, the places we’ve seen!

Sharon Wakamoto, an OC resident for almost 60 years, but born in Los Angeles spent a few years as a young child, during WW2 in the Japanese internment camp or War Relocation Center as it was called, at Gila Bend,...

Intentional friendship

I (Joey) wanted to learn more about my extraordinary friend (Billy). We talked about life, goal setting, family relationships, travel, managing Lyme disease, business success and overcoming failures.

Marcia Darnell, Jenyn Darnell, Curtis Darnell, and Stacey Stephens

Marcia Darnell, 87, interviewed by her three children Jenyn Darnell, Curtis Darnell, and Stacey Darnell Stephens about her work as a social worker in a women's prison right after college, working for a U.S. military program in Japan where she...

Conversation with Grandma Nobue Asaeda

While visiting Oahu, Lindy and Rory Anderson sat down with Nobue Asaeda and asked her a series of questions on April 16th 2018. Rex, Nobue’s great grandson, was also at the table playing LEGO (hence the background noise).

Sumiko Hatakeyama

Peace Boat staff Sumiko Hatakeyama shares the story of how meeting nuclear bomb survivors at the age of 19 started her peacebuilding journey. She also provides advice for aspiring peace builders, and encourages everyone to meet people in person and...

Nicholas Corral and Stanley Lok

Nicholas Corral (14) asks his uncle Stanley Lok (59) about his life, the news, and moves for work.

An Interview with my Grandma

An interview with my 89 year old grandma who talks about growing up on a farm in California and being married to a military man.

Interviewing Yuto about his personality change after leaving Japan

Yuto Yamada(20) interviewed by Maya Bolling (20) about growing up in Japan, and how his personality changed after experiencing foreign culture, and how he is handling being abroad during the pandemic. The two met when Yuto returned from America while...

The Navy – Michael Beatty

Madeline Stach interviews her uncle Michael Beatty about his service in the Navy. They talk about basic training, why he chose the navy, and some of the people he met while serving.

My Dad’s immigration story

I interviewed my dad on his journey to the US and how it has affected his life

My mother and her experience moving to America

My mother immigrated to America from Japan 20 years ago, and has lived here ever since. In this interview, I ask about her experience as the first and only member of her family to move out of Japan, and about...