The process of getting a occupation in Japan

In the interview, Noriko Murakawa talks about her life after she graduated high school, and the process of finding a job in Japan before coming to America to become a preschool teacher.

My dad’s life in the Navy

The life of a very important person in my life in the navy was my father. He had many experiences in the navy as a corpsman helping peoples wounds and scratches.

TJ Dillon interview in the navy living history project

Interviewing my cousin about living in Japan and what his day is like and how he lives now

Memories of Bobbie and Dave Heldt with Katie Bausler and Alicia Rowe

Katie Bausler: 2020-10-12 19:45:53 Katie Bausler, 58 and Lee Rowe, 89 chat about Lee's 60 year friendship with Katie's parents, Bobbie, 88 and David Heldt, 90. Lee shares memories of Dave serenading Bobbie with Falling in Love wit you in...

Carroll Swanson Shephard family stories

Cousins Jennifer Swanson and Carla Swanson Gawthrop interview their Aunt Carroll as the extended family is gathered for a wedding. Carroll shares memories of growing up with Grandma Jesse Willits and the Chesapeake Bay farm house, her mom Georgianna Mooma...

Iyo Fujita- Hanshin Earthquake

Iyo Fujita, my mother is Japanese and lived in Japan for a large majority of her life. She grew up in Kobe, a city slightly south of Osaka where on January 17, 1995, the great hanshin earthquake hit. The earthquake...

Progress and Paradox

John told me about his life and how he grew up in Japan and was involved in the Marines. He told me all about his family and the impact that they have had in his life. He was a very...

An American In Japan: Korean War (Pt. 2)

My grandfather tells me the stories of his service on the Military Railroad Service in American based Japan during the Korean War. He gives personal insight into his experience as a young American man in an unfamiliar land during wartime.

Darren Lee and Cynthia Lee

Husband and wife, Darren Lee (59) and Cynthia "Cindy" Lee (64), discuss how they met, got married, and raised a family all while serving in the military.

Kathleen Morrissey and Akemi Anders

Longtime friends Kathleen Morrissey (71) and Akemi Anders [no age given] discuss Akemi's firsthand account of the end of WWII in Japan, Japanese-American identity, and the importance of friendship and cultural connection.

Elias Gomez and Roberto Lavadie

Elias Gomez (11) interviews his grandfather, Roberto Lavadie (72), about his experiences during Vietnam.

Starting a New Life

What it’s like to move to a new country with a new language

Ian O’Connor’s interview with his mother

What my mother’s life was like and what she thinks of contemporary Japan. Also, a brief talk about an important individual in Japanese history: Mishima Yukio.

Michael Richardson and Kenneth Fields

Michael Denise Richardson (72) interviews his brother Kenneth Joseph Fields (71) about his service in the Air Force and what it was like living abroad in Europe.

Harold Warren and Lee Warren

Lee Warren (61) talks to his father, veteran Harold Warren (91), about Harold's WWII service as a Buffalo soldier in the 92nd infantry. Harold describes his time spent in Italy and in combat. Upon his return to the U.S., Harold...

The Military!

A little about my life in the military and cool places I’ve gotten to see