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Yapese Taro patch

Maria Gilrungun is a 76 years old woman of Dechmur Tamil; a municipality of Yap. She was interviewed by Veronica Chugeg Bandag, who is also from Dechmur Tamil, about taro patch on the 26th of January 2024. In the interview...

Importance of Local Medicine in Yap

Lilliana (39) interviewed Josephine Leethin (80) about the importance of local medicine in Yap that students can learn at school. Yapese local medicines are passed down from elders by teaching their kids the names of plants, trees, herbs, flowers, ferns,...

Sean Helgenberger interviews his best friend, Grandma.

In this interview Sean Helgenberger Interviews his grandma (Lilly Jean Iriarte). Sean asks his grandma questions about her earlier days. And then Sean's grandma talks a little about the islands and the one they own.

Justin Davies and Tobi Hanna-Davies

Stepmother and stepson Tobi Hanna-Davies (76) and Justin Davies (52) talk about their shared experiences with Micronesia and their mutual desire to educate the United States about different cultures.

Yap Names

I interviewed Mr. Fidelis Thiyer-Fanoway about the importance of Yapese names. A Yapese name is like a Yapese Identification Card. Just by your name, a person can identify where you're from and your family lineage. It also has a meaning...