Emotional memories

In this interview, John Blazy (my grandpa), and I talk about his past, present and future outlook on his life, through the positive and negative. Throughout his life he witnessed his father die, and his own sister. He looked up...

“COVID-19 the interview by Cooper Palma”

Cooper Palma (7) interviews his dad, Chris Palma (47), about how daily life has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A call from across the country that will make you smile

In this interview my great grandpa, Richard Mast explains his childhood, to his adulthood, and even when he served in the Vietnam War. He expresses the way he met and how he proposed to my late great grandmother (who I...

Mugshots: Jeff Parks Part II

This is the second part of the interview with Jeff Parks. Jeff came up with the idea of Musikfest, and is serves as the Executive Director of the ArtsQuest Foundation. The word Jeff chose to best describe Musikfest is COMMUNITY.

Transition to America

This interview encaptures the life experiences of Charlotte Good and her transformation from living in Vienna, Austria to the United States of America.

The Story of Barbara Lengyel

Explains the beliefs and childhood of a remarkable woman Barbara Lengyel. Shows how different things influenced her life. Barbara Lengyel interviewed by Matthew Hilbert.

My Aunt Claire and I

In this interview, we talked about my aunts life. We talked about things like what she was like as a kid, her happiest moment, etc. She also wanted me to mention she has a cold and that’s why her voice...

Ryan Hueber’s interview with his Mother

Talking about life and family and everything that matters in life.

East meets west

I interviewed my wife and asked about growing up and working experience.

My dad’s life

we talked about his childhood and what it was about

Mia and Marie Interview

Mia Cassidy (goes to Mckinney High School) interviewed her grandmother over Thanksgiving break (Great Thanksgiving Listen). Learning about the leadership, Maturity, and Honesty she had growing up and to this day! During this interview Mia found out how and why...

Casey and Samantha

We talked about the differences regarding living in two different areas (VA and PA). We also talked about family life.

Interview at bethany towers

In this interview I interviewed an elderly citizen at bethany towers in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania. Jan, the participant, discusses her childhood and other events throughout her life that have impacted her greatly.

Decades Project of the 2000s. Glenn Perrine

We talked about different events that happened during the decade of the 2000s. Also we talked about different forms of entertainment including technology, social media, and television.

Interview with Maria Ruiz

In the interview there was mostly talking about Maria Ruiz’s life story and goals and ideas. Maria Ruiz was born and raised in Ecuador and talks a lot of about being raised and then coming to a different country. Also...