Family interview

Where my family was from. The history and information behind my family.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My neighbor Mr. Koehler shared with me the story of his childhood and his life growing up. He shared his proudest moments and happiest times. He told the story of his father and brother in the armed forces and how...

I interview my grandmother about her childhood during the 1920’s.

This is an interview I did with my grandmother (Bubi) about her challenging childhood during the Great Depression. (Note: My grandmother has been previously diagnosed with dementia, which is why there were some aspects of her story that were repeated.)

Gladys Sloan and Renee Grebe

A discussion of family history and general life history.

Northern Holiday Chats

Here, I interviewed my Aunt about details of her life.

Mugshots: Ben Fortunado Marcune

Ben Fortunado Marcune is an artist who has painted many paintings of Musikfest since 1984. His one word to describe Musikfest is PEOPLE-FRIENDLY.

Maggie Goodish interviews her grandmother, Evelyn Thiem.

Maggie Goodish interviewed her grandmother on Thanksgiving Day, 2019. She asked her some questions about her childhood life and her past.

My fathers history and childhood

My fathers childhood memories and what they mean to him. His hopes for the future and what he expects.

Thanksgiving Day chat 2018 with Helen Kuncio Bauman, 89 years young.

Helen Bauman, born of Ukrainian immigrants in 1929 recounts life as a child of the Depression while growing up on a farm in Macungie, PA. She also remembers key moments in history such as her feelings during WWII and the...

Mugshots: David Yanoshik

David has been attending Muskfest since it first began in 1984 when he was fresh out of college! David's word that he chose to best describe Musikfest is VOLUNTEERISM.

Thomas McElhone and Alison Lescisin

Alison Lescisin, 36, interviews her father, Thomas J. McElhone (69) about his experiences growing up in Pittsburgh, and the importance of the Shaler North Hills library to their family and community.

A Grandmother's Wisdom and Reflections

Miriam (Mimi) Dunham is a wife, mother of 5, sister and grandmother. She reflects on her parents and childhood, proudest moments and some of her regrets. (Apologies for some spotty audio issues!)

A Story that Inspires Hope and Happiness

Conducting an Interview on my fellow coworker who has had a positive impact in my life, her positive mindset has the ability to reach many that come in contact with her