Agriculture Tranditions

Family farms and traditions were discussed. Traditional holiday foods were discussed as well.

I’m Still Here

Karen had an incredibly difficult childhood, including abuse and every kind of mistreatment imaginable. Today she is a strong woman and a loving mother who will stop at nothing to let her daughter know her deep love.

A Story that Inspires Hope and Happiness

Conducting an Interview on my fellow coworker who has had a positive impact in my life, her positive mindset has the ability to reach many that come in contact with her

Questioning an Officer
October 30, 2018 App Interview

Asking my dad questions about what it’s like to live as a police officer

My fathers history and childhood

My fathers childhood memories and what they mean to him. His hopes for the future and what he expects.

Family interview

Where my family was from. The history and information behind my family.

Interview with PapPap

He talks about his experience in the Navy, his college experience, and his childhood memories at Kennywood.

Therese Salus and Joseph Salus

Daughter Therese Salus (62) interviews her father Joseph Salus II (88) about his family history and early childhood. Joseph talks about his family's experience following the stock market crash as well as his time in school and as a lawyer.

Katie and Jake

I asked about Jacobs professions and what he likes to do in those carreers.

Matthew Cozza comments on his time working for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations

On January 1, 2020 in Pennsylvania, Sophia Cozza (14) interviewed Matthew Cozza (43) about his time working for the FAO. He comments on how long the hiring process took, and what daily life looks like on the job. He also...

Happiest Memory with Seth

Seth and I (Jessica Downs) talked about one of Seth's happiest memories. We discussed what happened throughout the time that Seth was able to ride four-wheelers with his family that he doesn't really get to see that often anymore.

7 years catch up

Remembering the early days and how he got to be where he is. Learning more about an old friend before its too late.