Erin Martin and Keith Martin

Erin Martin (34) talks to her husband Keith Martin (36) about her experience adopting their two daughters, Annika and Eliana. She explains going to Kazakhstan to meet Annika through a blind adoption as compared to the process of adopting Eliana...

Fred Goodyear’s Shoe Factory Interview

Kaitlyn Kelley interviewed her grandfather, Fred Goodyear, about his experiences working and managing several different shoe factories a few months after he graduated high school. He explains the different jobs he worked throughout different shoe factories, discussed personal stories from...

Part 2 Evelyn Cope Interviewing her Brother Ed Burkett

Part 2 of 2 My mother Evelyn Cope interviewing her brother Ed Burkett at his home in Pennsylvania

Great Thanksgiving Listen – Kacey Miller interviewing Ron Miller

I asked my dad about what his life was like when he was younger and he reflected on it through some deeper thought out questions.

Africans came to the USA and stayed with my grandfather.

My grandfather had the experience to have Africans stay with him and learn about financing farming.

Wilson Borough High School Marching Band

Blayne Olsen talks about his 1950s Pennsylvania marching band experiences, including college years at University of Delaware and a year at Mulinburgh College under Sousa's chief trumpeter.

Interview with My Mother

In this interview I asked my mom about her childhood, and about her hopes for the future.

Steven Rauscher and Harry Jamison – "You Seem Like the Happiest One"

Steven Rauscher (33) and Harry Jamison (29) discuss the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on employment, opportunity, and happiness in the City of Brotherly Love. Recording issues dogged the first half (and even a bit of the second half) of...

Common Ground Tacony Oral History Project: Troy

Part owner of Sawtown Tavern, Troy Everwine, speaks candidly about the arts, vegan diets, Ida Dunnum, the LGBTQ community and the progression of the Tacony community in Philadelphia. We talk about Troy's performances on stage in Center City, the proudest...

A Father’s Story

My father, Jon Slagel, and I discussed his life prior to having children. He spoke about how he spent his time as a child, what jobs he had before taking on a full career, and what his journey to marrying...

Interview with grandma

I interviewed my grandma about her childhood and our heritage.

Interview with Cousin Joan

Interview about her childhood, first job, and things that impacted her life greatly

Barbara Kujanpa Saniie and Matthew Saniie

Barbara Kujanpa Saniie (70) tells her son Matthew Saniie (31) the story of her ancestors in the United States starting with her great great grandfather who came from Germany in the 1800s up until meeting Matthew's father in Florida.

Evelyn Cope with Brother James Burkett and his wife Phyllis.

My Mother Evelyn Cope interviewing her Brother James Burkett during a visit to his home in 2016. James began suffering from Alzheimer's disease and passed away in 2019.

Content with My Life

Charles King feels that he has led a good life. He feels fortunate to have obtained a good education, have a successful career as a jazz pianist, and now has the opportunity to teach piano to kids.

Interview with Susan Potter

In this interview, conducted in December 2017 in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, Hannah Potter(15) interviewed her mother Susan Potter (41) about her life.

Martin Isack and Lesley Ambika Gibbs, Reflections on Life

Marty, age 62, is interviewed by his friend Ambika, age 52. Marty describes making some big mid-life decisions to change the course of his life and stay true to himself.