Margaret Beam interview

We talked about a lot of the things she did in her life. We also talked about something’s she was grateful for

The Life of Marilyn Lagattuta

Marilyn Lagattuta, 89, shares details her early childhood in Springdale, PA, just outside of Pittsburgh.

Parent interview

For my interview I decided to interview mom, and learn a little bit more about her history

Ethics class

Nicklaus discussed an ethical dilemma he had in golf and how the game has made him into the person he is today.

I’m still able to make my own decisions.

Miss Emma Rhodes is 94 years old. She has 3 sons. She is in a nursing home in Stanton Heights, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Interview with my Lolo (grandfather).

My grandfather and I talk about his early life as well as his military experiences.

2020 Family Member Interview with Mom

We discussed my early childhood, her parenting decisions (to work part-time to spend more time with her kids), and her past dreams about how her life was going to go. She also shared her hopes for me and my future...

Test 3

Youth Exec Board PHCC/FCC Perry Hilltop Fineview

Carmel and Jennifer Ball

On November 23, 2017 my relative Carmel and I talked about her life at my cousin's house. In our interview we talked about her influenial life with her mom. She valued everything that happened in her life. She was a...

Mom and daughter talk about growing up in a small coal town surrounded by love

We reminisced about Mom’s childhood and the people who were most influential to her. We also discussed what she’s most grateful for and what she hopes for for her children.

Mackenzie Kingerski Interviews Grandpa John O'Donnell About His Life

This interview was between Mackenzie Kingerski (14) and her grandpa, John O'Donnell (84) on November 29, 2015 in Penn Hills, PA. In the interview he shares stories and information about his childhood, as well as important events when he was...

My Mother and I

I, Jack Anderson, interview my mother about my early childhood.

Robyn Johnson interview

How my moms childhood affected her decision on her career

Let’s Play Tennis!

Gigi Merino interviews her dad, Robert Merino. He talks about his adventures from living in Costa Rica when he was a young boy, to wanting to be a professional athlete! He mentions his loving father and how he wanted to...

Question with mom

I learned how my family came to the U.S. frome Europe. I also learned about my great ancestors

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TEST Person Pittsburgh perry hilltop Fineview perry traditional academy youth Exec board