I Lived An Interesting Life

My grandpa lived a very interesting life and still does. He recommends to live life to the fullest, while you have it.


I am speaking with my younger sister, Olivia Penfield about the good times and bad times.

Immigration to America

Josephine’s and her parents life in America and how and they came here.

The Great Listen 2018

This interview focused on the family, traditions, and careers of the interviewee, Drew Gannon. He gave an in-depth description of his family’s thanksgiving traditions as well as his childhood job as a paperboy. Childhood memories, advice, and good stories are...

Question with mom

I learned how my family came to the U.S. frome Europe. I also learned about my great ancestors

Storytelling Project: Raymond Chodor

Raymond Chodor’s Interview for Fall 2019 University of Pittsburgh Navigating Grief & Loss Final Project

Kate Tiu’s Interview with Martha Tiu

My grandmother, known as Bubba by the Tiu grandchildren, grew up on the south-side of Pittsburgh and was raised by her aunt and grandmother. She was a nurse at Mercy Hospital for pediatrics was and also a teacher for a...

Test 2

TEST Person Pittsburgh perry hilltop Fineview perry traditional academy youth Exec board

Ben interviews his Pop Pop

Bennett B. Interviews his Pop Pop from Italy. The interview starts off with Pop pops life in Italy and slowly makes its way to present day. The story goes all the back to 1940 up to thanksgiving day 2019. The...

Finance Extra Credit with Mom

I asked my mom about the most difficult times in her life, what she was like as a child, and other questions about her life.

Interview with Grandma (Kathy Imhof)

This is an interview with my Grandma, Kathy Imhof. I am 15 years old and this was recorded on November 17.