There is no replacement for hard work

I interviewed my dad, John Geenen, in the hopes of getting to know what his life was like, as well as hoping to pick up any advice that he had. I asked him 10 questions, each with their own subject....


We talked about my mom’s life in Vietnam before the war. We also talked about her travels here and her transition in America.

Good friends are hard to come by.

I met Maria about 6 years ago when I was living downtown. She was a very sweet and caring lady. After a couple years she became the Manager of the apartments I was staying at. I moved to El Cajon...

Kyle Baker interviews mother

Mother talks about her childhood jobs and situation. Also talks about her husbands job and how they met.

Ken Interview

My dad talks about his experience in the Vietnam War and how he came to the United States

My Mom’s Story #MBHSstories

An interview with my mother about her life growing up in Morocco and her life experiences. (Also sorry for the constant buzzing but she didnt want to redo the interview.)

Interview – COM 100

We talked about life and what it’s like to be alive. We also also talked about relationships

A long needed talk with my little sister

Our memories and how we reflect on them today after prior childhood trauma.

Isaura and josh Vance

Today we talked about some of Josh’s fondest and scariest memories

"Why aren't you using a wine glass" "we don't have wine glasses mom" "…..That's terrible"

This interview was conducted with my mother, Andrea Biggs. My mom is 43, she is a Logistics Specialists for the Navy and currently stationed in San Diego. My mom has always been very distant and anti-social, so I think that...

Daniel Wolf and his grandma Sheila Goldfarb discuss Sheila’s interesting and eventful life

This interview took place on November 24, 2017 in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. The interviewer is Daniel Wolf, who is interviewing his grandma, Sheila Goldfarb. The interview talks about Sheila's childhood, teen years, adult life, having children, and her eventual...

You made my life complete

He is so amazing and i cannot imagine life without him.

Interview with my Neighbor

This is the interview where I talked to my Neighbor whom we hardly talk to but this is the time where we learn more about him and what stories he have to mention.

The great thanksgiving listen

We talked about a lot of stuff. We mainly talked about her family.

My New Friend Christian

Christian is a 2 day long new friend. He is Rodrigo’s roommate that recently came to the United States from Spain.

COMM 245

I interview my best friend, Danielle on various topics about her life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about my grandfathers life and childhood, including growing up, schooling, and more.