Life During The Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020

In this interview, I talk about my life and the others during the Covid-19 pandemic. I talk about my online education as well as interaction between friends and family, the future, and more.

Anna Dapelo-Garcia and Erica Dapelo-Garcia

Anna Dapelo-Garcia (55) speaks with her daughter, Erica Dapelo-Garcia(28), about the struggles they faced growing up, their first loves and biggest influences. Anna shared her love and hopes for Erica and future grandchildren.

Peer Interview with Alice Tsioutsioulikli

Taara Khan (14) talks with Alice Tsioutsioulikli (15) mostly about their middle school lives together and how they've change so much since starting high school.

Interview with Coach

Me and my coach talked a lot about the past and present. We talked a lot about sports and how his life was like when he was younger.

Christian’s Life from a civilian to a U.S. Marine

The interview was taken place in San Jose, CA on November 26, 2017. I, Sandra Curiel (18) interviewed my big brother, Christian Curiel (20) who is currently a Reserved U.S. Marine. We’ve discussed about his experience growing up, his memories,...

Q3 Interview

This interview was between me and my dad. It touches on the subjects of childhood and everyday life for him.

Life during COVID-19 Pandemic-2020

What was talked about was my life in 2020 and my life living through a pandemic

Last day on earth

We talked about how we would spend our last time and our value

Women in Silicon Valley Part 1 of 2: working in the semiconductor industry in the 1960s.
February 20, 2016 App Interview

Silicon Valley in the 1960s; working at Fairchild; meeting Robert Moore; working at National Semiconductor; how the sheep and goats cut costs; mothers in tech roles; working in Eurosil (Europe). Approx. 35 minutes. Part 2 of 2 Part 1:

Alicia Tafolla speaks with her granddaughter, Daphne Arellano, about living in Chicago and moving to Illinois.

Throughout this interview, held on November 27, 2017 in Oceanside, California, Daphne Arellano interviews her grandmother about her life beginning in Chicago and later moving to San Jose, California. She speaks about how the two states contrast. Additionally, Alicia Tafolla...

Interview for English 2

Couple of questions I asked my father for a project for my English 2 class

Life during the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020

This interview was conducted by Jasmine Doan explaining about her life during this pandemic. These are personal opinions by Jasmine Doan. This interview lasted about 30 minutes. It addresses a wide range of topics that lead to Covid-19.

Life during the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020

This interview was conducted by Joie Adams, and her dad Erich Adams about the pandemic of 2020/21. These are personal opinions by Joie Adams. The interview lasts approximately 30 minutes. It addresses a wide range of topics regarding Covid-19.