Harabuji interview

My grandfather talked about his childhood in Korea and his experiencing coming to America.

Rosemary van der Net interviews her cousin Olivia Ford about growing up in a divorced household.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Brielle, New Jersey, Rosemary van der Net (14) interviews her older cousin Olivia (23). Olivia shares her struggles of growing up in a divorced household and her education. She also shares about...

Paul’s and grandfathers life advice and talk

Here we talk about my grandfathers life experiences. He advises me on how to live life and what to do and not to do.

Interview with Jihye

Interesting and funny interview with ji hye

Me and Grandma

We talked about some of her memories and then we talked about her family life and her story of moving to the U.S.

Interview – Anthony Gose

An interview with my mom about her past life and what is was like moving from South Korea to the United States as a child.

Korean Immigration in the Early 21st Century

My name is Sunjae Lee, and I am a 17 year old junior attending Glenbrook South High school. For my Living History Project, I interviewed my mother based on events that I researched throughout her life.

It’s Good To Be Home

My Grandpa describes his experiences at war and his history.

My Family History

This is about the history of my family and how we eventually arrived in the US.

Lymon Sanderson and Robert McCord

Best friends Lymon Sanderson (51) and Robert McCord (56) share a conversation about their experiences with addiction, homelessness, recovery, and finding homes. They also discuss the roles family, friendship, and God play in their lives.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This is an interview about my family’s heritage, which stemmed from South Korea. We talk about why my family immigrated to the US and our traditions.

Marjorie Works and Hazel Diaz

Majorie Works (65) shares with her conversation partner Hazel Diaz (36) stories from her over 20 years of experience in the U.S Air Force.

Her Own Space: Self Care, Sisterhood, and South Korea with Robin

Traveling while black means researching more than ticket prices and exchange rates. There's a savviness to surviving racism in the United States and abroad as colorism, cultural appropriation, and xenophobia abound. Robin's faced it all as a black woman teaching...

Scott Martin and Kevin Bandy

One Small Step conversation partners Scott Martin (49) and Kevin Bandy (47) talk about the current divisions in the country, their personal political views, and their hopes for the future.

A Legacy of Balance

Growing up in a suburb city like Irvine, I wanted to know how my mother grew up in her hometown of rural Paju and how she became the person who inspires me to this day.

Scott Gomer and Maria Gomer

Scott Gomer (60) talks with his wife, Maria Gomer (56), about life as an Air Force family. Topics include the frequent moves, spending time apart during assignments, and the sense of community the military provides.

The Eldest Sibling

An interview with my older sister about her experiences and advices in life so far. She talks about what she hopes her future will hold, as well as reflecting on how her past growing up has helped her grow.

Sean Park Interview

Sihee Park and her son Sean Park bond and talk about her past. Sihee Park Comes to the U.S. with her husband expecting nothing. Many hardships were thrown in their way such as language and culture but still made it...

Joo Cho and Sandra Cho

Sandra Cho (49) interviews her father Joo Haeng Cho (82) about his life and how he met her mother. This is the third interview they have done together.

a lovely interview with my Papa

Today I talked about my Papa’s life in the car. We talked about his life, childhood, kids, memories, and favorite things in his life. I had 14 questions to ask him but he had short answers so I had to...

George Beatty and Charis Hooper

Charis Hooper (44) shares a conversation with her friend, and her grandfather’s friend, George Beatty (82). George talks about Charis’s grandfather’s early life, his importance to the community, and his time in the Korean War.