Priti Patel, Phillip Mongeau, and Ann Abraham

Best friends, Priti Patel (47), Phillip Mongeau (40) and Ann Abraham [no age given] discuss the day 10 years ago that they all became not just friends but also siblings. That day Priti’s life changed forever, when her brother took...

An officers view of a DWI case

My name is Eduardo Galvan, I am interviewing my father, Andres Rodriguez, a police officer of the city police department, to gain a better idea of the issue of DWI as well as to understand his story as he was...

The Hardest Problems Are Human Problems

In this interview, we discussed the change of climate and the historical impact that is has had on humans over the past 50-60 years.

Isa Haltam and father Hassan Haltam discuss being from three different cultures and how it has changed life in the US

In this interview, conducted on December 8th, 2019 in Plano, Texas, Isa Haltam interviews his father about his life, religion career, and family, and how they’ve affected his life in the United States. They begin talking about Hassan’s life, and...

Nicolas’s English Interview

We talked about my mother’s life growing up with four siblings in a different country. We also talked about the ups and downs she went through in her life and how they motivated her more to become the great person...

New life miles away from home

Alex arrived from Durango, Mexico 5 months ago. In December when I visited him in Mexico he would constantly mention how he wanted to live the American Dream. Now his dream came true, and although his life isn’t exactly how...

My best friend

In this interview I talked to my best friend, Shayli, and asked her some questions and take a look at our friendship throughout the years.

Daddy and me

I interviewed my dad about his parents and his family. I learned that his step father punched his wife and that daddy still likes his step father because he ended up being a good man and taught him lessons.

A Traveling Life of Faith and Service.

Scott Zimmerman, a Junior at Egg Harbor Township, interviewed his Grandfather over the Thanksgiving break from school. Over the course of the recording they discuss his grandfathers early life from birth up until about his early thirties. They discuss how...

interview with mom

this interview was about my mother’s life experiences

Childhood in the 70s

My mom explains what it was like for her being a kid in the 70s.

“I Failed My First Test”

College is supposedly the best time of your life. College is all about experiences and making lifelong friendships. In November of 2018, Charlie Satenberg interviewed his dad, Brad Satenberg, on his college experiences at the University of Texas at Austin...

Coal Ewings and Wallace Cloud Interview

I am interviewing my great grandfarher about his time serving in the military.

About my dad’s life and what he enjoyed in it.

We talked about his childhood and some lessons he was taught in life. He even talked about some life lessons that he would like to give other people.

A Conversion with an Iranian- American LGBTQ Couple: Danny and Ardalan

An insight into the life of an Iranian-American LGBTQ couple. Life in Germany versus the US as Iranian LGBTQ’s. Danny and Ardalan’s historical family business and their work running one of the first Iranian LGBTQ nonprofit organizations.

The bestest man in the whole wide world: an interview with my dad.

I interviewed my dad involving topics about family, religion, and our future.

Afternoon with Padrino

This interview is to see what experiencias my godfather went through and how he persevere through them.

Political views

The talk was about the political stance.and some of the personal experiences of the participants.

Interview with my grandmother

This interview is me interviewing my grandmother, Nermie, about her life