Grandpa interview

This is what it was like for my grandpa during his life and time during the war

Activities for Building self-esteem in teenagers

The Domyassignmentforme high school years can be mutilation for teenagers. Secondary school students experience feelings that appear to change step by step. At the point when pre-adult students experience these ups and down then this decrease their confidence. Despite the...

Interview with Ruth Phillips in San Marcos, Tx on December 1st, 2019.

Faith Phillips interviewed her Grandmother Ruth Phillips on December 1st, 2019. They discussed her life and lessons she had learned. As well as memories of her family when she was a child.

Journalism Assignment

Zainab Ahmed speaks about her experiences in college so far and some of her struggles throughout college. She also speaks about why she’s doing what she’s doing and how she plans to carry out her future.

The Great Listen 2019

We talked about my Great Grandmother's childhood and growing up

Christina Gligorova and Alisha Kashyap Discuss Living Healthy during a Pandemic

Alisha Kashyap (21) talks with her friend and colleague Christina Gligorova (21) about her experience during the pandemic. They discuss the idea of a "living healthy" lifestyle, challenges faced during the pandemic, and Christina's personal experiences/tips on living healthy.

Cayce Kaufman and Leonard Gillard

Cayce shares with Leonard her experience working at Providence and watching how hard everyone was working to combat the pandemic only to find herself on the other side of the windshield when they came out to test her and her...

Time and Time Again

The first time I had a seizure back when I was 15. What my sister thought when I was taken to the hospital for over a week.

Just married: Reflecting on our wedding day and our life together so far

Our first day as husband and wife and we reflect on our wedding and our life together thus far.


My sister tells the story of our trip to Houston, Texas.

Tailene Morales and Grandmother Mella talk about her childhood in Panama.

In this interview taken on November 30th, 2018 in Wylie, Texas, Tailene Morales (15) speaks with her maternal grandmother, Aromelia Vargas (64) about her adolescence in Panama. Mrs. Vargas shares about her high school experience. She also speaks about the...

Me interview my Mom (part 1)

This was cut short but the second part has more so don’t fret

Teacher mom

In this interview I learned about my moms educational experience and why she Choose to become an elementary school teacher. Also learned her hopes for the future.

Michael Scott Hinojosa

This was a interview about the life of Michael Scott Hinojosa.

For the Kids, For the Family

My dad had an eventful childhood as a kid but we didn’t really go into that. He is a hardworking man that moved to America from Pakistan even though he had his family there and a set, comfortable life for...