A Lucky Pandemic

Isla Decker interviews Rosemary Lacy about her experiences during the pandemic.

Tammy Grimm
October 10, 2022 App Interview

I’m Reagan Grimm and I’m interviewing my mom, Tammy Grimm. I’m 21 years old and she is 57. She talks about her life growing up in Oklahoma, her children and grandchildren, and her own parents.

Storytelling Assignment (Ethan Donaldson)

I interviewed my cousin who works in the video game industry for my speech class.

Mistie Hitt and Harold Breeden

One Small Step conversation partners Mistie Hitt (39) and Harold Breedan (66) discuss experiences growing up, family, college, major influences in their lives, and political points of view.

English interview

In this interview, Coach Brillon talks about what he does and his view on heros. I'm Samuel.


Nathan Muse and Charles Russel, both 21 year olds, reminisce on some of their past and talk about some of their hopes for the future.


This interview is of my grandmother Margaret Koch about her life and her memories and her hopes for the future

Storytelling Assignment

I am interview my boyfriend, Hunter Holomshek he is 23 years old. We discussed personal deep questions that made him really work his brain and think about.

Oral History interview with Chris Miller
November 25, 2022 App Interview

Chris Miller is a 58 year old Public Administrator that works and lives in King George, Virginia. Chris and I spoke about his life growing up in Denver, Colorado and how that lead him to Louisiana, Southern California, and then...

Timiera Jackson and Nydessa Villegas

Timiera Jackson (17) talks with her sister Nydessa Villegas (25) about how the new way of the world has affected her and her life.

My Mama and Me

Interviewing my Mother. Asking her questions and learning about her history. UwU

Managing Money

Me asking my mother on how she managed her money and how she would like to see me do it

Story of My Mom’s Life

The experiences of my mom through childhood and adulthood. Including school, work, family, and influential people.

Relationship Interview

To complete the exercise in listening, I interviewed my boyfriend. The exercise in listening really helped me to understand my boyfriend, as I was able to acquire an in-depth perspective of how he is growing as a person, and within...

Sarah McKibben and Mac Montana 2021

Mac and Sarah discuss meeting, falling in love and getting engaged during (and because of) a global pandemic.

Teaching From a Teacher´s Perspective
December 3, 2020 App Interview

I interviewed one of my favorite teachers. She shared with me what drove her to start teaching, the best part about teaching, the hardest part about teaching, her approach to student to teacher relationships, and so much more about teaching...

Dennis Waldrop and Annette Block-Valdivia

One Small Step partners Dennis Waldrop (66) and Annette Block-Valdivia (57) talk about their concerns for the future of their local community, Grand Marais, Minnesota. They share worries about housing, jobs, and healthcare and also talk about the importance of...