Senior-to-Senior Project. Felipa Caballero.

In this interview I had the pleasure to speak to a really strong woman who sees so much positivity in life even though having faced a lot of struggles.

James Interviews His Teacher

James interviews Ms. Jasani about her relationship with her parents and growing up as sn Indian-American immigrant.

The bestest man in the whole wide world: an interview with my dad.

I interviewed my dad involving topics about family, religion, and our future.

World Remit

Banking services delivery channel. Systematization of RBS through the channel for providing remote services is due to the technological and functional properties of each of the channels. Through the world remit customer service and delivery channel, you can focus on...

Father of two is in a happier place after moving to Portland

I interviewed my father, we talked a lot about his life growing up, his life with me and my sister in the picture, what’s happening now, and a little bit about what he plans to do in the future

Austin Keen

I interviewed infantry veteran and Operations Officer, Austin Keen at a local jiu jitsu gym in Kingwood Texas. We discussed his transition from the military back into civilian life and how his time in the military led to his current...

Caitlin Coder talks to her dad, Bill, about his childhood.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Sachse, Texas, Caitlin Coder (15) interviews her dad, Bill (38), about his childhood and his life as a teenager. He talks about how he viewed school and being a kid, and talks...

About my dad’s life and what he enjoyed in it.

We talked about his childhood and some lessons he was taught in life. He even talked about some life lessons that he would like to give other people.

The early life of Ryen Caenn

The Carico’s settled Oklahoma in the Cherokee Strip land rush. From humble beginnings grew a successful scientist.

Interview with Patricia Routh

Interviewing Patricia Routh about her life and role as a mother.

Shakyra Moore interviewed by Kaitlyn Letson

Shakyra talks about her childhood and school life when she lived in Killeen, Texas.

Thanksgiving StoryCorps

This interview had two questions; one was asking about her childhood and the other was how she met my dad.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Today I was with my grandma and we talked her childhood and her life. I really enjoyed it because it got to hear some answers that I have never heard before.

Ella Wilson interviews any Wilson about her life and family

My mother is an amazing women who has accomplished many things in her life. In my podcast we talk about some of those things and some backstory into my family.

Samantha Prado and Zulma Prado

Mother and daughter, Zulma Prado, 46 years old, and Samantha Prado, 17 years old, discuss Zulma's childhood.

Colonel Terry Derouchey’s Military Career

In this interview, Colonel Terry DeRouchey discusses his time at West Point and some of the highlights of his military career. He served in the United States Military for 35 years.

What was Life like Growing Up?

Today I'm here with Andy Blake, my foster father and I'm going to ask him a few questions about what life's like growing up.

The importance of family

In this interview, conducted in April 23 in Orange, California. Gabrielle Wilson(21) interviewed her grandmother Dianne Wilson(80) about her life growing up. She talked about family and her childhood with her 2 sisters and 1 brother. She also talked about...

Interview #1

Ms. Post tells me a inside of her life and we’re she grew up