Hillary Barton and Noel Nellis

Hillary Barton (38) interviews her great-uncle, Noel Nellis (87), about his childhood, career, family, church, and the lessons that he has learned throughout his life.

Wade Arvizu and Elizabeth Scaife break down the anti-trafficking movement’s past, present, and future.

Wade Arvizu (aka K.D. Roche) and Elizabeth Scaife candidly discuss the evolution of the anti-human trafficking movement and the importance of survivor leadership within every aspect. They reflect on the humble beginnings of their friendship and their hopes for future...

Steve Desroches and Wayne Noffsinger

Steve Desroches (47) talks to Wayne Noffsinger (53) about being part of the comedy drag duo Madge and Bisket, being a social media star, making his live performance debut in Provincetown, Massachusetts as well as what its like to be...

Garret Taoka and Shayne Duggan

Garret Taoka (68) talks with Shayne Duggan (50) about his parents' time in an internment camp during WWII, his childhood, and becoming a dentist.

Glenn Matteson Interview

I was in visiting my grandparents in Las Vegas for the weekend and just went over things my grandfather did in his life and just described those events .

Carol Larsen Bringham

Carol Larsen Bringham, a beloved Mom, Grandma, Great Grandma, Sister, Aunt, and Friend to many shared her many wonderful memories.

“Always be good to other people. No matter what.”

We talked about my grandmas life from when she was born until now. We talked about important people in her life that had a positive impact.

Anna Ayars and Silvio Ayars

Anna Ayars (49) and her spouse Silvio Ayars (60) share their reflections from serving in the Air Force, how they met, and advice to people in the military.

Interview with Granny Vicky Schamel

We talked about her life including her best and hardest moments, all that she wants, and all that she has done.

A story about a hard worker

My grandpa started working when he was thirteen, he never dated and he looked up to his dad. After his dad retired he bought Napa and worked very hard there for 42 years before he retired.

The Evolution of the Mountain Man: Episode 2 of 3

The second of three podcasts that aims to look at the American mountain men of the fur trade and their lasting impact on the town of Jackson Hole and the American West as a whole. This episode has interviews from...


She talked about how she lived in Wyoming and the worst thing she did was crash a fore wheeler into her dad’s truck and that they had to replace the bed. And she said how she wanted to be remembered...

Interviewing my Grandma – Abbi Hunt

My grandma talked about what her childhood was like, as well as mine. She also talked about what influenced what she’s like today.

Entrevista a mi Tio Rafa

Rafael Hernandez Martinez (50)Tío Hablando con Saul vazquez (13) Sobrino

Margaret George Jaeger
March 22, 2019 App Interview

This is an interview with my mother, Margaret George Jaeger, who was one of 9 children on a Kansas farm, who graduated from Kansas State University in 1952 and married Ralph Jaeger and raised four children.

Emily Hummel and Heather Brewer

Conversation partners Heather Brewer (53) and Emily Hummel (68) talk about Heather's early life, they discuss military life, family and Heather also speaks about her life as a pastor.

Interview with Grandpa George

We talked about him growing up and memories he has.

“One of the best days of my life.”
December 6, 2018 App Interview

Liz Touhy speaks with Scott Christy about her experiences on NOLS Expeditions. She recalls a powerful experience as a NOLS student on an expedition in the Waddington Range of British Columbia where she gained confidence, and then elaborates on what...

Lynden Kidd and Sophia Marcinowski

Lynden L. Kidd (59) talks to her daughter, Sophia L. Marcinowski (16), about her summer duties at the family ranch, their family history in Jackson, and the connection 6 family members have to one chapel.