Don Hamlin and Win Harper

Friends Don Hamlin (72) and Win Harper (76) discuss their upbringings, their military and volunteer service, and the importance of their friendship with one another.

Kasan’s interview!

So I interviewed my step dad and me and him had a ball with this and I would 100% do it again

Looking Back at High School Memories and Family Stories

This was recorded in Bellmawr, New Jersey in Signe Osborne’s dining room. The date was November 26, 2020. Kaitlyn Rice interviewed her mom mom, Signe Osborne. Signe Osborne is in her 70s with blonde hair and bright blue eyes, coming...

A Graceful Man, Manuel Carrizalez SR.

My Grandpa, is a man who defies his age by doing things that make him feel young at heart. He always radiates with positivity and is a very inspirational role model. His smile is infectious and his essence always brightens...

Commemorative Speech

This interview discusses a lot of personal questions regarding my father's childhood and greatest achievements.

Personal Effect of Basketball

Interviewing one of my closest friend Javantie about how getting involved and being interested in basketball helped him in being who he is now and how has it helped him through personal stories of his.

Journey of an Athlete

Mekayla Wilson (16) speaks with her Dad (54) on the important lessons and experiences he had while playing basketball.

Practice interview

When I interviewed judah I asked what he’s favorite hobbies were, what is he’s favorite holiday, and what do he do in he’s down time.

Kathleen Grussing and LuVerne Grussing

Spouses Kathleen Grussing (71) and LuVerne Grussing (71) talk about their shared experience of serving in the Peace Corps in Tunisia in the 1970's and going on to form the national basketball league in the Central African Republic.