Jeff Lee Shares with Jacob Lee about his life that he never knew of until now!

In this interview conducted on May 4th, 2024, Jacob Lee (15) interviews his father Jeff Lee (44) about untold life stories. To go more in depth, Jeff was able to share about what it was like to grow up in...

The Glennon Interview

This interview took place on January 1st, 2024 between Finn and Brian Glennon. Finn is 15 and his father, Brian, is 67. Some topics that were discussed are family life, traditions, growing up, and work life.

Trent and Turner 12/8/23

Turner(18) and Trent(20), interview with my 20 year old African American friend from Chicago, Illinois who goes to college at Wisconsin Parkside

Conor Marsh (13) and his grandfather, Donald Holden (77), discuss Donald Holden’s childhood in Queens, NY, his love of sports and coaching.

2023-11-29 23:39:02 On November 28, 2023, in Port Jefferson, NY; Conor Marsh (13) interviews his Grandfather, Donald Holden (77). They discuss his childhood in Queens, NY, and his love of basketball and baseball. Donald Holden discusses the famous basketball players...


a interview with Breandan (17), we talked about basketball, injury’s and so much more.

Family, Faith, and Fitness

My grandfather, Bill McGuirk (age 77), discusses his childhood growing up on a farm in a family of 15 children, attending boarding school, and becoming a High School Principal. He talks about how his experiences on the basketball court in...

Davis, Maggie (Peer Interview 11/27/23

In this interview I’m interviewing Amani Harlin. We learn that she would like to have a future that involves basketball.