“A Life of Growth and Change: An interview with Xujin”
December 15, 2022 App Interview

My name is Yuru I interviewed my friend Xujin and both of us are 21 years old. This interview is focused on Xujin's thoughts on life.

Ethnic Lit Final

This interview is about covid 199 and how it affected us teens. Marissa and I are seniors at Branham High school, recording this for our ethnic lit final

Amanda Wright – Effects of Covid-19 on School – December 13, 2022

Covid has impacted how we live our lives, but it has had a mouse effect on the school system. Amanda Wright shared her insight on how the pandemic has effected school and teacher life.

Autoethnographic Interview ft. Maddy Connolly

In this interview Maddy, a senior at Branham High school talks about her journey with Catholicism and how the events in the past couple of years have played a part in developing her faith.

Interview with Tidas Nguyen
December 13, 2022 App Interview

In this interview we talk with Tidas Nguyen about his experience during covid.

COVID-19 implications

I asked Tommy, my interviewee, whether COVID-19 had a bigger social or physical impact on their life

Yousefs life and story

I interview 11th grader Yousef about his life and ask some qeneral questions about his interests and upbringing.

Rosanna Castoreno and Elizabeth Nava

Coworkers Rosanna Castoreno (38) and Elizabeth Nava (23), talk about their experiences and perspective working for the organization, Southside First. They also talk about how they have grown, who has impacted their life, and how Southside First is helping the...