COVID 19 interview

I had an interview with my 10 year old son jaloni . we spoke on covid 19. we spoke on how it affected my household.

Al-nisa Petty and Ezra Vallecillo

Friends Al-nisa Petty (33) and Ezra Vallecillo (33) share their thoughts on the meaning of home, community, and personal growth.

Italian Village Pizzeria: Frank Veltri

Situated in the Golden Horshoe, at the border of New Rochelle and Scarsdale, Italian Village is a favorite destination for many in Westchester. Whether it's a little league baseball team, a family dinner, or a late night slice, you can...

Laura Trucios and Cesar Heredia: The Immigrant Experience

my parents, Laura Trucios and Cesar Heredia share their story about what it’s like being an immigrant in the United States. They mention the reasons of their departure, their mental struggles, some of the dangers and the political science behind...

Martin Wegbreit and Sara Rhem

One Small Step partners Martin Wegbreit (71) and Sara Rhem (58) discuss the role religion plays in their lives and their experiences losing their sons to suicide.

Lindsey Halman and Tonya Trub

One Small Step conversation partners Lindsey Halman (44) and Tonya Trub (47) spend an hour discussing the experience of raising a single child, the differences between equity and equality, and the ways that faith inform their political perspective.

Frances Boynton and Charlie Nelson

One Small Step partners Frances Boynton (63) and Charlie Nelson (67) sit down for a conversation as neighbors in the town of Richmond, VA. They find they agree that we have a lot more in common than we have differences,...

Metro Deli: Gus Catechis – Jack Silberstein

Gus Catechis owns Metro Deli, the center of Scarsdale commerce situated in the five corners. For decades Metro has been a thriving hub of delicious food, kind waitstaff, and a comfortable environment. Unfortunately, like many other small businesses, Metro was...

Peggy Coquet and Keith Kluksdahl

One Small Step Partners, Peggy Coquet (72) and Keith Kluksdahl (65), discuss their differing views and connect over how they view the changes in America over time.

Cheryl Montgomery and Emily Feldman

[Recorded Thursday, February 9th, 2023] Cheryl (50) and Emily (62) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Cheryl, originally from Culpeper, Virginia and now residing in Fluvanna County, works in clinical research coordination at UVA after working at...