Interview with Yarissa Sanchez

This is my final project interview with someone that is close to me. I interviewed my little sister and talked about the difficulties of her life growing up. Also how her mental health has affected her life and herself during...

Story Corps Interview

We talked about the pandemic and how it affected us.

Interview with David

In this interview we talked about being an essential worker during the Covid times, we mentioned what it was like when Costco hit the pandemic and how they survived during the hard times of the early on ages of Covid-19

Covid-19 Interview

I interview Chloe Kissling for my Covid-19 interview. I am very sorry that it was late. :(

Covid Interview

I interviewed Maddie for my Covid interview.

Life During COVID-19

How this pandemic pandemic has affected peoples lifes.

Lizbeth Paz and Jocelyn Ross.

Lizbeth Paz: 2021-06-01 03:41:57 Lizbeth Paz (17) questions Jocelyn Ross (16) about the changes that came into her life as a result of the pandemic. As she shares the difficult transition from being at school all day to being forced...