Education, Our Experiences, and Taking Action: Discussion with Zoha Siddiqui

Zoha Siddiqui, a sophomore at The College of William & Mary, discusses her experiences with school, inequity in education, and forming the non-profit, HER Education.

Balancing a family and a career in healthcare during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Balancing children and a career as a single mother during Covid-19. The importance of having a support system to get through the pandemic.

Roger Moon

Retired theater teacher reflects on stories of the past.

Blair Imani & Blaire Washington

Blaire Washington (16) interviews Blair Imani (26), a historian, educator, author, and influencer, about her life as a black queer Muslim woman. They talk about why Blair decided to educate people and what she educates them about, her struggles and...

Grandmas Childhood

Grandma explains parts of her childhood and makes connections to the novel, “The Color of Water,” by James McBride

Purvi Jain and her mom Puja Agrawal talk about their family history.

In this interview, conduction in September 2020 in Burlingame, California, Purvi Jain (14) interviews her mom Puja Agrawal (45) about their family history. Puja talks about her childhood and expands on her safe neighborhood, school/friends, and expectations/dreams as a child....

Writing exercise

When you do a thesis writing exercise you need to make sure you take the task seriously. This is a very complicated task, which needs to be attempted by students in order to learn how to present their ideas in...

How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography: The Ultimate Guide

An annotated bibliography is a sort of list that is presented around the end of the research paper or other writing assignments. This is the list of all the cited sources in the work. It is mostly written by professional...

Importance of Essay Writing and Common Mistakes that Students Make While Writing an Essay.

Essay writing is a major part of student's academic life. A huge chunk of grades is interlaced by writing assignments like essays and papers. An essay is a type of writing that can have formal as well as informal style...