Shirley Burke interview

Shirley Burke being interviewed by her grandson, Tristan Burke, about her life and with apperiences by Ela Burke, Tristan's mom, and Brayden, Tristan's brother, and Mikaela, Tristan's sister.

First Thanksgiving without Nana
November 24, 2022 App Interview

Our mom and Nana, Maura Elizabeth (Dwyer) Scollin, died June 11, 2022 at age 79. We are having our first Thanksgiving without her and reminiscing about all she meant to us. Those on the recording are Katie Flowers (45) Shelagh...

A Jacobs Conversation

This interview included myself, Matia Johnson age 32 and my cousin Clyde Jacobs who is in his 80s. We discussed his upbringing, education, and relationship with his wife and children.

Advice and times with an up-and-coming athlete

Tasmin Showers, age 16, speaks with his cousin Kya Secoundiata, age 16, about his inspirational family and how valuable education is.

An Interview With My Inspiring Noni

Molly Tittemore (15) talks with her Noni (Sicilian slang term for "grandmother"), who is 79 years old. They discussed her childhood, and how the events of her childhood transformed her into the dynamic woman she is today. Her Noni believes...

A small talk with a UK professional personal statement writer.

While searching for websites that write personal statements, admission proposals and applications, we came across that is one of the leading place for UK students to get an impactful personal statement. We talked to the manager of Personal Statement...

The Education System
November 17, 2022 App Interview

Callie aged 18 and Kaia aged 19 talk about Kaia’s experiences with the education system as a high-school dropout and what can be improved in this system.

Diego talks with Grandma about her life

Diego Aguilera Kelley, age 13, talks with his grandmother, Lovella Kelley, age 80. She tells him about growing up in western KS and her life experiences.

Patricia Gregory and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Born and raised in France, Patricia Gregory talks about her French childhood and family memories. Wanting to travel to America ever since she was young, she shares her first impressions of America, her experience eventually...