Interview between Gurshaan Maan and his Mother

My interviewee was my 45-year-old mother, Kavneet Dhillon. Her and I discussed of her past careers, experiences, and history to get to know her on a deeper level and document this conversation.

Landon Jones and Zakareya Hamed

[Recorded: Friday, July 21, 2023] This One Small Step conversation was recorded in Charlottesville, Virginia as part of the Sorensen Institute’s summer High School Leaders Program in 2023. Landon Jones (16) is from Halifax County and Zakareya Hamed (16) lives...

Interview for AP World History

Layla Abdo (15yrs old granddaughter) and Ibrahim Jalal (grandfather). Interview about Ibrahim Jalal’s life and the lessons he has learned.

Education and Lifestyle of Nizar – Then and Now

This interview was taken by 11 year old Naurez Nizar on Nov 26, 2023. She interviews Nizar Mankulangara (her dad) who is age 40. In this interview, Nizar M talks about his education and lifestyle as a kid and now.

Jessica Surufka and her Aunt’s best friend, Patty Clancy, talk about Patty’s career as a high school math teacher.

In this interview, conducted on November 25, 2023 in Highland, Indiana, Jessica Surufka (15) interviews her Aunt's best friend, Patty Clancy (59), about her career as a high school math teacher. Mrs. Clancy shares stories, both good and bad, about...

Recording – 10-26-2023 15:47:34

In this interview Lara talks about her time as a teacher in both public and private schools. She shares her experiences with teaching through her 25 years of teaching as well as advice for upcoming teachers.

The Life of My Mother

In this interview, my mother talks about her journey as a kid of 9 in a poor family growing up in Malaysia, to a graduate student majoring in Computer Science in the United States. She also elaborates on who shaped...

My Father’s Story

My father, age 59, discusses his journey from growing up in rural China to becoming a scientist working in the U.S.

Meet Ukrainian Folk Artist & Educator, Mia Naumenko!

Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck interviews Mia Naumenko, who is an educator and Folk Artist of Ukrainian History & Educator Center of New Jersey. In this interview, Mia describes her folk traditions of Ukrainian Foodways, as well as upcoming classes at...

Petra Hellthaler and David Garrett

One Small Step partners Petra Hellthaler (79) and David Garrett (76) discuss finding a path out of poverty, their differing views on abortion, and acknowledging accomplishments of presidents they didn't vote for.