Life as an exchange student

Pursuing higher education was a problem to many people, international students were one of them. In the story Hoang shared with us, he mentioned what happened and how he handled that situation, which even included having told to be sent...

Faith and knowledge
December 5, 2019 App Interview

This interview was conducted December 4th 2019 in Fresh Meadows, New York by Aliza Qamar (14). She interviewed her mother, Amber Qamar (36) as they discussed the significance of education. The interviewee elucidates how her family and academia counterbalanced one...

My mom recalling her childhood life and memories

My mom elaborates on her life in Budapest, Hungary, and what it was like growing up with a socialist government. She also talks about her education and her brother, and how it was mandatory for everyone to learn Russian while...

Father son interview

A teenager in high school asks his father about the life he has had as he reflects upon the course he has taken. This establishes a basic characterization of upbringing, experience and the resulting moral compass that provide the basis...

Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, I discussed with my grandfather his life choices and career path along with his memorable moments/stories that he believes should be shared.

Sid Interview with relative from India

I interviewed my mother’s older sister from India, Nupur Srivastava. She talks about her life, her kids, and her career in education, as well as some of her favorite things. Enjoy!

Bicycle Driver’s Ed at U.S. Grant

Interview with Mx. Hilbert, 4th grade teacher at U.S. Grant school regarding Bicycle Drivers Ed

“Education is important because it can improve my communication” A mother reflects her life changes with her son

Johnny Jiang, age 14 from NY Flushing, is conducting an interview about his mom. Johnny Jiang asks his mom about a life changing event and how it affected her. He also ask his mom whether she took education seriously or...