Andrew Walker and Mordecai Walker

Andrew Walker (62) shares a conversation with his father, Mordecai Walker (97), about Mordecai’s experiences growing up in Citrus Park, the different athletes he met, running track while in college, boxing in the Army, and meeting his wife.

How to write an essay

What does the word essay mean? It came to us from France, and if we talk about its history, then it comes from Latin and means weighing. From French, they are translated as an attempt, sketch. An essay is a...


Front garden ideas All too often we neglect our front gardens, they often become the place to park the car or to store rubbish/recycling bins. Front gardens can be a valuable opportunity to create a space that welcomes visitors, sets...

Tiffany Do and her librarian, Cindy Die, talks about her happiest moments in Boston, Massachusetts.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts, Tiffany Do (16) interviews her librarian Cindy Die (60) about her happiest moments in her college experience. Ms. Die shares stories about what she have learned in life as she...