Black History in Thomasville NC

Tinisha Mashore Bennett, age 51. She is one of the daughters to the first Black Retired of the Thomasville Fire Dept. She speaks about her dad being included in this 4th year exhibit for the city.

Korean War Veteran was a fire Captain in California and is a musician and artist and worked on the first NASA lunar module. Interview 2 of 3

Korean War Veteran Jim Ingham was a fire Captain in California for 20 years and is an accomplished musician with the bagpipes and Native American flute. He is also a top-notch artist with all forms of wood working, especially Native...

My Grandpop

My grandfather Fran Shaw describes his job as a firefighter and his wife and his grandchildren.

October 13, 2018 App Interview

the work experiences and hardships associated with them, the success that comes with hard work.

Richard Schofield’s Story

On November 23rd, 2017, Becky Schofield interviews her father, Richard Schofield. In this, Richard speaks about his childhood and the things that have shaped him into the person he is today.

Collete’s more than just a neighbor, she’s family

Collete is a strong 75 year old women who adores her family and neighbors. She had a fun and adventurous childhood but there were some twist and turns. She grew up in Chicago and later moved to the Eastside, life...

Interview with papa

My grandpa shares about his life and his past experiences