Kane Sweeney on the historic Vermont flooding in July 2023

Kane Sweeney is a 30 year-old board member for the town of Waterbury, Vermont and is involved in the recovery efforts following the historic flooding that occurred in Vermont in July 2023. He speaks about his experiences during and after...

Johnna Kleymeyer and Robert Scott

Robert "Rocky" Scott (75) and Johnna Kleymeyer (50) discuss their career paths and the economic development of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Southern Great Grandmother Talk about life In The South With Granddaughter

Having a conversation with my Great Grandmother about her life in the south. Talk about childhood, wife life, having children, raising her children as a wife. Learning about how different our lives were and how much she been through during...

Susan Sheeran and Kristin Davila

Kristin Davila (40) interviews her colleague, Susan Sheeran (79), about her experiences and contributions serving for the nonprofit Merced Housing Texas. They also talk about housing conditions, culture shock, community advocacy, and shared memories of San Antonio, Texas.

Carolyn Avigliano and Tyrone Williams

Carolyn "Mary" Lee Avigliano (41) and Tyrone Roderick Williams (60) talk about their childhoods, the obstacles they've overcome, commitment to community, frustrations with social/political divisions, and their hopes for Fresno.

Cecilia Airaldi and Luisa Scioli

Friends Cecilia Airaldi (56) and Luisa "Ellie" Scioli (73) reflect on their friendship and time living in the YWCA Brooklyn. They discuss their stories that brought them there, their families, gender roles, and being survivors.

Lymon Sanderson and Robert McCord

Best friends Lymon Sanderson (51) and Robert McCord (56) share a conversation about their experiences with addiction, homelessness, recovery, and finding homes. They also discuss the roles family, friendship, and God play in their lives.

Sally Dishman and Jeremy Pruitt

Sally Dishman (23) interviews her coworker Jeremy Pruitt (38) about topics ranging from his feelings on garden gnomes to his experience being on the board of Eden Village at the Gathering Tree in Springfield, Missouri.

Michael Wilcox and Richard Lynch

Colleagues Michael Wilcox (35) and Richard Lynch (53) share a conversation about their work at Re-entry Alliance Pensacola (REAP), how they came to that work, and about homelessness in Pensacola.