Charlie Lane and his mom Tracy Lane talk about Tracy’s life and what it was like growing up.

On February 3rd 2021, Charlie lane and Tracy lane talk about Tracy’s life growing up in Beaver PA with her family, and also about some of the most important things Tracy’s has done and has learned throughout her life.

Grampa Swanson

Rob Swanson, at age 70, has a conversation with granddaughter Clara, age 17, remembering some of the best memories in his life.

Xiaoting’s interview

This photo taken on my birthday, that was a cold day.

The Great thanksgiving

How my family came to the U.S. and how there life was.

Mom 1

Discussed her parents, how she met Dad, and her favorite life lesson.

Sharing your memories

My mom talks about how she met my father, difficult memories and how proud she is of me.