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Aniyah Birrages Age 19 2nd yr at Bradley University Jaliyah Tubbs Age 19 1st yr at Bradley University

Patricia Hewitt and Sarah Siegel

Wives Sarah Siegel (58) and Patricia "Pat" Hewitt (73) reflect on their relationship over the years and give advice for other young lesbian couples.

Lyle Mouton and John Broussard

Lyle Mouton (77) speaks to his friend John Broussard (87) about his childhood memories, his family, and his upbringing.

great listen

I interviewed my sister who is 30 and I talk to her about jobs and her childhood.

Recording – 11-26-2023 15:14:35

my interviewee is my mom, Mellisa and she is 41 years old and we talked a lot about her childhood.