Part 2/2. This is a summary of my mother’s journey through parenthood and a throw back to her childhood

Uncle; jobs, goals, wishes, struggles, regrets

I learned what my uncle was aiming for when he came to America from Vietnam. He also gave me a small lesson on focusing more on school than making money for now.

June 5, 2018
Interview with my dad part 2

My dad tells me various stories of when he was in the U.S.


We talked a lot about childhood and school. Just like me he doesn’t like it and was bad at it

Guenther Story Corps Assignment 2018

We talked about his jobs and previous jobs he had while growing up as well as some good influences he had growing up.

Interview w/Vijay

Talking to my older brother about life.

Interviewing my Dad about his life.

During this Interview, with my dad, I asked him questions about his childhood and how the decisions in his childhood effected his life growing up to his current state. I learned a lot of things in this interview that I...