Reminiscing with Frances Chianta
March 24, 2024 App Interview

Frances shared her memories of growing up in Cinisi, Sicily. And immigrating to America with her parents and sisters in 1958. She talked about raising kids in St. Louis and spending making memories with her grandchildren.

Recording – 03-24-2024 12:14:17

My interviewer is Tommy Cooper He is 50 years old He answers some questions about important people in his life, happiness moments and funny memories. It was great interview.

Beth Brockman Miller and Ermyn King

Friends Beth Brockman Miller (56) and Ermyn King (70) talk about the impact of the Chautauqua Institution on their lives. They reflect on some of their memories of growing up at Chautauqua and the sense of community that they have...

Jeanne Wiebenga and Jane Stirniman

Spouses, Jeanne Wiebenga (76) and Jane Stirniman (90), speak about how they met and their relationship to the Chautauqua Institution.

An interview with my amazing mom!

Melinda Porter(45) talks with her daughter Leah Porter(12) about her past and childhood memories.

Katelyn Zinski interviews her mother!!!

Katelyn Zinski interviews her mom about her personal views and childhood memories!!

Rolf Lynton has led a remarkable life. Listen as he shares stories of some of his experiences.

As he approaches his 100th birthday, Rolf Lynton observes that his career in the social sciences taught him“it doesn't matter what the experience is as long as you experience it, because, lo and behold, it leads on to other strange...

Interview between Madeline St. Pierre and Kristin Tomaiolo

Madeline St. Pierre (17) interviews her mother, Kristin Tomaiolo (46), about her past experiences, relationships, and her childhood. The interview also touched upon the challenges that she has overcome throughout her life, as well as the indescribable bond that she...

Questions for Grampy
December 28, 2023 App Interview

Pearl Neafsey interviewing Bill Pruitt (Grampy) on questions about his life.