Interview with Laurie Graves about how Multinational came to be and her past accomplishments.

Pappy and Me

What Pappy’s life was like and what my family did. My greatgrandfathers life.

A Chat with my Dad

Here, I sit down with my pops and have a heart to heart with him.

Callie and Patrick

Tried to sum of the main points in his life that has made him the person he is today as well as the things that are shaping his life today.

Stars and Mom

Moments with my mother have always been deep and meaningful. Most of the stuff I asked her I had already known. We talked about childhoodsand memories of passed regrets and blissful moments one could never forget.

Theology project e.d.

We talked about some memories good or bad that my mom had. We also talked a bit about her advice to me and other kids and even adults can learn from it too. We talked about my birth and what...

Mark and Dylan Meldrum

Talked about life, hardships that my Dad has had to deal with, and the happy moments in life.

Karli and Grandma Williams Interview

This interview consists of shaunas life and just small talk about what’s most important to her.

My grandma and I

Her childhood, parents and my childhood. What she’s grateful for and some favorite memories.