My dad who joined the Navy

I interview my dad who joined the military.

Maddy Shearer interviews Beatrice Peterson about International Traveling and Living during the Cold War

Beatrice Peterson recalls her experiences traveling with the American military during the midst of the Cold War to locations like Vietnam, Cambodia, Germany, and Romania while being interviewed by her granddaughter, Maddy Shearer on May 14th, 2022. She details how...

A Conversation with Dad

My dad and I discussed his upbringing in St. Louis, his time in the military, and when he got his hat stolen outside of a Jackson 5 concert.

Perspective of my JROTC Instructor on Life
April 29, 2022 App Interview

This interview was meant for us to better under the viewpoints on someone who is in an older generation than mine.

ProjectWC – Bones and Pigman

Dustin Bones interviews West Clermont High School biology teacher, Carl Pigman. He shares stories about his time in the military and how being out on the field inspired him to teach. The story includes hope and honesty, but most importantly,...