December 10, 2018 app
I Believe Moment

Paul Stimson from California was adopted and join the Military after high school. He got station here in Virginia in 1988. His I believe moment was joining the military . The military changed him to be a better man. He...

December 8, 2018 app
Interview Project with Jarrett Croughwell

This interview consisted of how Jarrett Croughwell felt about the military and why he wants to join the military.

December 7, 2018 app
Life Aboard the USS Ticonderoga During Vietnam

I talk to my Grandfather about his life as a electrician on a US navy ship during Vietnam

December 7, 2018
Mr. Jim Long, 93-year-old World War II Air Force Veteran, shares his experience and memories in an interview with Masie Hollingsworth

Mr. Jim Long, 93-year-old World War II Veteran, shares his experience and memories in an interview with student Masie Hollingsworth in Fountain Inn, South Carolina on December 5, 2018. Mr. Long discusses his time in the Air Force in WWII...

December 5, 2018 app
The Journey of Tom Nguyen

We talked about my dads journey to the United States and his military journey.

December 4, 2018 app
Bret Crenwelge, the best father I could ever ask for

I talked to my father about his early life, his military career and myself.

December 3, 2018 app
Andrea Urlich and her Uncle Alexander Urlich talk about the Military life and how it changed his perspective on life.

In this interview conducted in December 2018 in Chantilly, Virginia, Andrea Urlich interviews her Uncle Alexander Urlich about his time being in the military and his childhood life . He mainly talks about /describes how life was like in the...