An interview about mostly life in Germany and such with my Dad

As per the title, I did an interview with my dad about his life in Germany and being in the military and such.

Best Friend

It is important to not take things for granted, you never know what could happen at any time. Family is very important, and the ones who are there for you.

English interview

This interview is about the time my father served in the military.

Bobby and Vennetta Gray: 3/30/2019

Today we interviewed our grandparents about their lives in Alabama, my grandfathers military service in Germany and 33 years working for the railroad, raising 2 children one of whom had a serious medical condition and we talked about how they...

The Last 60 Years, a Brief Look Back

This was an interview with Alonzo Bevins, and a simple story on his life as a child, his military service and a short family history

I love you mommy!!

A few minutes with my mom why she tells about her and our family.

Monroe Massey

Interview with Monroe Massey about his time serving in the military.