Mike Hayes, Emily Peters and Scott Acord

Emily shares her experience of being the eldest of 4 children whose father died when she was 12, just 6 yrs after her mother died. Emily, had been the only mother her siblings knew and when they moved their aunt...

Mike and Jennifer Hayes

When Jennifers brother died, she and her husband Mike took in his four kids who mother had died 6 yrs prior. This was a big adjustment for everyone, but 7 years in everyone seems to have adjusted. One of the...

PJ Shaman Interview Mom Janine Shaman About Her Life

In this interview, conducted on May 16 2022 in Michigan. PJ Shaman(13) interviews his mom Janine Shaman(48) about her childhood and lessons she had learned. She shared her life, what she does, and lessons she had learned. Near the end...

From My Mother’s Point Of View

The voice behind my passion...My Mother!!! I took a couple of minutes to ask her questions she's never been asked. It was interesting to hear her thoughts and perspective! Time I'll never get back but truly appreciated.

A Daughter’s Admiration for her Mother

Edie Kirk shares stories with Elise Boehm about her mother. She starts off by talking about her family’s background and her mother growing up. She then shares a story about how her mother became a nurse and shares other stories...

Things that would happen to anyone else

In this Interview I had the opportunity of interviewing my mother in law Laura. I asked her many questions about her life that helped me get to know her better.

Strengthening Familial Ties: The Impact of Religious, Sexual, and Personal Identities

Samantha Hano talks with her new friend, Katharine Baker, about the interplay between her various religious, sexual, and personal identities, and the role these identities play in strengthening familial ties.

Mother dearest

This is an interview with my mother on a few things in her life as a parent.