An Interview with My Mother

Sydney Polish talks with her mother about her life, from her childhood in the Philippines to her life now in the US. They talk about how her life was growing up and how her life experiences molded her into the...

Interview With My Vietnamese Mother (Mai Nguyen)

I am interviewing Mai Nguyen who is my mother. She is 49 years old and she came to America on June 6th 1991. Today is the 32nd anniversary of her coming from Vietnam to the US. She has faced numerous...

The Joys and Sacrifices of Parenting with Riley and Jennifer Leonard

This interview recorded in Elkhorn, Wisconsin on June 4th 2023 features Riley Leonard who is 15 and her mother, Jennifer Leonard who is 39. It touches on the hardships of parenting and mentions what important skills you can learn from...

Josefina Rodríguez Careres: En búsqueda de una mejor vida

Mi nombre es Idelsy Acosta Rodríguez. Tuve el privilegio entrevistar a mi madre, la señora Josefina Rodríguez Caceres, donde habla un poco de su vida y su proceso de inmigración a los Estados Unidos.

Mother’s Day

Talking to my mom about how she was raised, how she raised us and my future plans on mother’s day.

Mary and her daughter Leticia

Leticia visiting from CA interviews her mom, Mary Frances about her childhood memory and her life adventure at Share Your Story event at the Elsie Stuhr Center.

mommy and me

this is an interview about a mother and a daughter trying to understand each other’s differences .