Dad's Family Memories

In this interview I conducted in November 2022 in Larkspur California, I interviewed Thomas Gaine, 49 male who is my father. in the interview, he talked about childhood experiences he had and how that shaped him as a person today....

Nolan Lawhorne, 18, Music Therapy
December 1, 2022 App Interview

Dakota Bryant, 18 years old, interviewing Nolan Lawhorne, 18 years old, about music, band, and everything revolving that.

LTNS 435 Fall 2022 T Rideaux

Tiffany Rideaux, age 50, interviews her friend Paige Brodsky who talks about her experience working at an independent record store for over 30 years. We talk about how a mentor, capitalism, and gender have impacted her work.

A Blast From The Past

I interviewed my Mother, Mayra Salazar on November 28, 2022. She briefly discussed what technology was like growing up.

My Parents Musical Careers

In this interview, I asked a series of questions about my parents musical careers before & during college. They shared stories of their inspirations & how they met through their love of music. We finished the interview talking about how...

Bo’s Interview: An Inside Look

Thus interview dives into the rollercoaster that is Bo Spring’s life. It goes in depth with his journey through highschool and into college, highlighting certain events that would change his life forever. From joining the Army to having a baby,...

Jane Mathews and Edwin Mathews; Remembering Janelle

Edwin Mathews (76) talks with his granddaughter, Jane Mathews (13) about his musical life and about the passing of his young daughter, Janelle Mathews.

Clara Diehl conversation with Loran Diehl Saito, Thanksgiving 2022

Clara Diehl, 10, talks with her aunt Loran Diehl Saito, 57 at the family Thanksgiving gathering

Lucy Diehl conversation with Loran Diehl Saito, Thanksgiving 2022

Lucy Diehl, 10, talks with her aunt, Loran Diehl Saito, 57 at the family Thanksgiving gathering

music life

I interviewed Abigail not giving last name and she is 20. she's one of my best friends and has been involved in the music scene in my town her whole life. we discussed local bands, venues, and the culture of...