Class Project Interview

Dwayne Flowers (18) Sharlene Flowers (54) Different Topics about religion,parent advice and childhood.

Mia [No Name Given] and Alex [No Name Given]

Mia [No Name Given] (32) and Alex [No Name Given] (35) take turns asking each other questions about raising their son Micah and how parenthood has changed their lives.

Cynthia Rose and Taylor West

Taylor West (24) interviews Cynthia Rose (58) about her role as the mother of the community and how she is learning to give that same love and care to herself in this next phase of her life.

Elisabeth Lindsay-Ryan and Suni Kartha

Friends Elisabeth "Biz" Lindsay-Ryan (47) and Suni Kartha (47) talk about their work on the PTA Equity Project in their home community of Evanston, Illinois. They reflect on how they first became aware of the inequities in parent-teacher association (PTA)...

Jayalakshmi Appannappa and Ayushi Mukund

Ayushi Mukund interviews her grandmother Jayalakshmi Appannappa. Jayalakshmi talks about her childhood, raising children, and the inspiration behind the names of her children. She also discusses the advice she would give her younger self, whether she would change anything about...

Kathy Chudoba and Bruce McCormick

Friends Kathy Chudoba (68) and Bruce McCormick (66) discuss their involvement in the Logan, Utah, community, specifically at the organization Loaves and Fishes.

families and children

I interviewed my mom because I wanted her perspective on how I turned out and how life was raising me.

The Best Soccer Game

I, Kaylee Raab, interview Priscilla, my cousin about her experience with a life long important lesson of togetherness and patience.