Marc Coombs Interview

Marc Coombs is influenced mainly in life by his teacher in high school for art. She taught him patience and persistence in life.


This talks about my step-dad who adopted me at a young age, when he absolutely didnt have to. He taught me so many things about life, lessons that cannot be taught in anyways besides observation and experience. I always took...

Person of Inspiration

The interview went well. Roopa answers all the questions to the best of her ability.

The stories of my moms childhood with Antonio Rivera

My mom tells me about many things that defined who she was as a child. These experiences were given to me so I dont rewrite the miatakes my family did.

“That Was Debbie, She Drove the Jeep and had a Purty Dog”

I sat down with my reluctant grandmother, Debbie, at 10:30pm on an fall Sunday and we talked about her tomboy childhood of broken bones, our family’s weird habit of handing down names, and how she doesn’t want to be remembered.

Interview with Sabrina

Sabrina and I spend ten minutes talking about her life growing up, her family, and what she hopes for her son (me).

Passion for Teaching, Compassion for Students

In this interview, I spoke with musical therapist, Jocelyn Fish, about her experiences in her work and her passion for teaching.

Jatavia Sigears Interview

LaCresha and I spoke about her views points on life, God, relationships, and family.

“True love prevails no matter what”

In this interview, conducted in January 2018 in Leesburg, Virginia, Elli Livingston interviews her mom Sherry Livingston about the story of how she met her husband and my father, Lee Livingston. Sherry shares how they met in high school, got...