Immigration to a White America

My father immigrated to America from Trinidad and Tobago when he was almost 10 years old. When he arrived to Baltimore, Maryland, he noticed a racial divide between blacks and whites. Whites were treated as if they were better than...

Life Lessons

This interview was about life lessons and fulfilling your dreams and goals. In this interview was Jaden Williams and Linda Williams. She is my grandmother, I am 14 years old and this interview is located in Inglewood, California. The best...

Hasn’t changed much

Bashar talks about his time fulfilling a tradition with his colleagues and also speaks about his uneasy experience in a French International Airport

The art room to the courtroom

The struggles of Dave Welch from doing what he loved to doing what what necessary to support his family

The art room to the courtroom

The struggles of Dave Welch in doing what he loved to doing what was necessary to support his family.

Chinese Korean

We discussed my mother’s childhood and the racism she experienced. Although it there were similar situations in the book Black Boy, they were to an extreme defree. Both of these stories show how much and how little our society’s views...

From my own

I interviewed my mom about her first experience of racism. I was shock to find out that it had came from her own family.

Color of my Skin

In this interview, Dr. Míreles Toumayan recounts a time she expirenced racism. She also describes her hopes for the future.

December 18, 2018
Lilly and Melissa discuss Synanon and equality

Lilly asks her mother, Melissa, about her experience growing up in Synanon, a cult with a diverse community of people. Melissa explains how that affected her view of race and equality while growing up in the 1970’s.