Civil Rights

I asked my mom a couple of questions about the civil rights movement also about racism.


i interviewed Amanda Torrez about her background and struggles she faces in life.


I interviewed my Bhaka J asking him about his struggles and background.

Junior SLP Interview 2023

I interviewed my aunt Joanna Lopez. She is 31 years old and migrated here to the US when she was a little kid. She talks about her thoughts and opinions with race in this country.

Staci England and Scott Nance

[Recorded Monday, May 1st, 2023] Staci (56) and Scott (66) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Staci has worked in the public school system for over twenty years and is currently a principal in Albemarle County. Scott...

Interviewing one of my closest friend

In this interview I got to understand a friends point of view on how ethnicity and others peoples culture effects theri lifestyle. He even got to Express his opinions on what can help solve those problems.

Arvis’ Story

Arvis’s story of being the first Black man in arkansas baseball. What got him to baseball. what his struggles where after getting on the team. his journey to opening doors started in 1974.

Heather Avant & Bria Davis

Heather shares with her cousin Bria her healthcare journey with sickle cell. This disease does not define her but it has impacted every aspect of her life. With all of the obstacles people with sickle face she says we are...