Bill Mulholland on Racism in Sports

In this interview we sit down with former college basketball champion, college administrator and high school principle as he discusses what it was like playing with former NBA champion, Bill Russel. Bill Russel was one of the first black superstar...

Eddie Matthews talks about his experiences with the Civil Rights Movement/Segregation

Samuel Derow(15) talks to Eddie Matthews(71) about his experiences growing up in the American South during the civil rights era/movement. Eddie shares about his experiences with racism, and the big influences his mom and grandmother were on him growing up.

Racial Profiling In The Midwest

In this Interview I speak with Pedro Contreras about his experiences with racism and racial profiling in the U.S. specifically at Columbus Ohio, where he attended law school at The Ohio State University.

Jeff Ikeda and Kern Smith

Jeff Ikeda (36) and One Small Step partner Kern Smith (52) exchange experiences and lessons they have faced on the intersectionality of their cultural and racial identity in or outside of the U.S.

Lynn Burrill and Cristina Ramirez

Lynn Fremed [no age given] and her One Small Step partner, Cristina Ramirez (46), discuss their experiences in Richmond and issues of class struggle, diversity, and education accessibility.

Bestie Interview

Conversation with best friends about dealing with racism at work and how it felt to be judge .