ANTHONY DITOTA: I(age 14) interviewed my aunt, Ann Marie Ash(age 50). She grew up in New Jersey and spent 23 years in the Army. She lives in Texas now. We talked about our ancestors, where she grew up, her military...

vicky moya

I am Victoria Moya, I am 17 years old and I did this interview for the class of Mr. De La flor. I talked about a range of things from love to religion.

Extra good for you & America (extra credit)

On today’s episode, I dig deep with Paul Morales about religion, his life as a missionary, young childhood upbringing, and so much more.

History Final: Interview with my Mom
December 21, 2022 App Interview

Seth Isaac (Me) and Jennifer Isaac (My Mom) sit down and discuss Menories Growing up, God, and what she's most proud of.

Race and Religion in America

Adam Karlek (21) and Jeremy Nicks (22) talk about Adam’s experiences in American society regarding race and religion while discussing what we wish to see change in American culture.

Generational Differences- Vanessa Muniz Interview w/ María Álvarez
December 5, 2022 App Interview

Interviewing my mother, Maria Alvarez, on her upbringing and it’s similarities/differences with my upbringing. Questions asked: -where did you grow up •religion •structure -coming to the US •differences •having children & teachings •religion -best accomplishments

Kaylee Brown- Are Jews Treated Equal?

An insight to a college girl who speaks on her faith in the Jewish religion and how Judaism relates to American culture today.

Religion, Sexuality, and my Mom.

This is a conversation about my mom(April Hammonds), her religious views, and having a gay son. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and recorded by me, Anthony Lanci, the gay son.