My Interview with Mercedes

Awesome interview, we talked about her breast cancer, her transition from Mexico to the states, and her life now.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

This is a great listening for everyone. Everything is talked about such as Family, Life Experience, Religion, Marriage, and Wisdom. Hope something people can relate to and accept advices given.

Mom’s Story – – Childhood & Growing Up

Tiki's parents, her childhood, meeting Alan, Ty's death & the role religion played.

Peggy Mucklo and Tara Goodrich

[Recorded: Tuesday, December 7th, 2021] Peggy Mucklo (73) and Tara Goodrich (41) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Peggy is a freelance editor who has lived in the woods with her dogs for several years. Tara is...

Hilly Haber and Sherry King

Hilly Haber (33) speaks with Sherry King (70) about their lives and experiences at Central Synagogue. They talk about Hilly's role as a rabbi and how they've each incorporated social justice into volunteer work.

Adina Desaulniers and William Schubart III

One Small Step conversation partners Adina Desaulniers (64) and Bill Schubart (76) talked about their upbringings, specifically the impact their grandmothers had on them. They also discussed education, religion and social media.

The Reality of Religious Discrimination

Alonas Chantel (35) and Jordan Simmons-Trott (23) discuss with Chervonne their experiences with religion and religious discrimination.