Barbara: my only love.

An interview with my wife Barbara who has been by my side since I was 17. We have built and sold 2 highly successful businesses and have had many ups and downs.

Angelica Peck (My Mom)

Going in depth on my mother’s perspective of the American Dream.

Path to Success

What contributes to forming your definition of success and what ways can you personally achieve it?

A Father-Son Chat About Immigration, Success, and Passion

We discuss my dad’s experiences immigrating to the United States, what success really means, and the importance of passion in today’s day and age.

An interview with my dad about life, ambition, and balance.

I interview my dad about his personal life: his beliefs, role models, and his decisions in life that have led him to become who he is today. These topics are facilitated via the talk of money, happiness, and success.

Oral History With Richard Martinez

In the interview, we talked about success, languange, culture, and love.

Journey to Magnificence with Mr. and Mrs. Lee

The amazing story of Mr. Robert and Mrs. Ellen Lee from their early beginnings to present day.