Jalyn [No Name Given] and Lily Lipman

Colleagues Jalyn [No Name Given] (22) and Lily Lipman [no age given] discuss some of Jalyn's favorite activities, such as snorkeling, art, basketball, mini golf, and watching Shark Tale.

Harley Xie and Lydia Yang

Harley Xie(19) interviews her friend Lydia Yang(19). They talked about life at university, including the most impressive thing, some difficulties and so on. They talked about plans for the summer holiday too.

Getting Where You Going: A Summer of Independence and Connection in Washington D.C

Savannah speaks with Dennis about her experience living and working in Washington, DC the summer after her freshman year of college. Savannah discusses her determination to experience somewhere new, and how she was able to make it happen for herself....

zaruhi’s stories

i get to hear a story from a summer my grandmother her group of friends shared and another story about how one experience gave her strength to not fear anything again

Justin Blake and Jay Pagano

Justin Blake (50) interviews his friend Jay Pagano (76) about how the HIV/AIDS epidemic developed on Fire Island. Jay describes how the disease moved from something he read about to something that touched his life. He talks about the loved...