Anthony & Abby Vazquez

During my interview I learned dedication, having the support of your loved ones and hard work will always get you through tough times. It can help you become successful in many areas in your life. Although it’s good to always...


Chad Frade is an old friend and colleague. He is a tremendous support as a fellow educator and I sat down to talk about who has been supportive to him as an educator as well.

Jaycee Clark and Manuela Velasquez

Jaycee Clark (33) talks about her journey through addiction, recovery, transitioning, and HIV/AIDS with her conversation partner Manuela Velasquez (23). They also talk about vulnerability and support.

Valerie Moore Interview

This is an interview on my 11 year old sister Valerie and covers how her illness (Juvenile Arthritis) has effected her life since being diagnosed at two years old.

Tribute To A Brother

JoAnna speaks about how amazing her brother is and how he was a big supporter in her life.

Katherine Bourke's Experience From Small-Town Maine to Motherhood and Becoming a Lawyer

Elsa Johnson interviews her mother, Katherine Bourke, a 45-year-old woman, about her experience from small-town life in Maine to San Fransisco where she embraced a life as a lawyer and later became a mother. Katherine found immense success in her...

Nicholas Diehl conversation with Loran Diehl Saito, Thanksgiving 2022

Nicholas Diehl, 49, talks to his sister Loran Diehl Saito, 57 at the family Thanksgiving gathering