Aiesha Hunter and Tajma Phillips

Aiesha Hunter (35) and Tajama Phillips (43) discuss their work with Indomitable Families affected by Incarceration and their personal experiences with the criminal justice system.

Susannah Johnson Malbreaux and Yulandera Moody

Friends Susannah Johnson Malbreaux (69) and Yulandera Moody (64) discuss their experiences as breast cancer survivors and their experiences with the disease.

Sharon Cline and Anna Kawar

Sharon Cline: 2023-11-11 19:09:54 Anna Kawar was born in Jordan and has a unique perspective on the current conflict in the Middle East

Tim Havis and David Havis

Tim Havis (33) and his father David Havis (70) talk about when Tim came out as gay, reflecting on growth and openness in their family.

Homelessness Prevention Coalition

Interview with Lucia other the Homelessness Prevention Coalition at the Piñon Project in Cortez, CO. Interview goes over her job and how she serves the homelessness community.

Madaha Kinsey-Lamb and Jim Marley

Long-time friends and colleagues Madaha Kinsey-Lamb (73) and Jim Marley (80) discuss their work and friendship over the years.

Interview at Valley HS

interview between 2 students in Ethnic Studies at Valley HS in Hacienda Heights CA

Thomas Finan and John Gaal

Long time friends and colleagues Thomas “Tom” Finan (71) and John Gaal (64) talk about the work they’ve done to change the culture in the construction industry, particularly striving to uplift DEI initiatives, bring awareness to mental health issues, and...

Jennifer Justice & Kirsten Lavery

Jennifer shares her story with Kirsten of how through a series of unfortunate events she went from "supermom" to dealing with an opiate addiction and living on the streets. While on the streets she got pregnant with her third child....