Matthew Riley and Vivienne Montague

Vivienne Montague (83) talking to grandson Matthew Riley (34) about her life, legacy, and experiences living through WWII in England, moving to the US in the '60s, and later moving to Montana.

Christopher Lovito and Crayton Robey

Crayton Robey [no age given] interviews his friend Christopher "Chris" Lovito (61) about his experience on Fire Island from the 1970s until now. Chris talks about the various jobs he held on Fire Island, his experience during the AIDS epidemic,...

Anna interviews her grandma over a warm cup of tea

Anna’s grandma Joanne talks about her life growing up and the family she created with her husband. Gives a little bit of a bitter twist but normally she’s a lot more positive.

How Bill and Pearl Met

Emah tells the story of how her grandparents, Bill and Pearl Benham met.

Clare Winright and her mother, Elizabeth Winright discuss family history and traditions.

Interview conducted In December 2020 in Saint Louis, Missouri. Elizabeth Winright describes her childhood and stories of her mother and grandparents during her interview with Clare Winright.

Tea with Mia and Seb – Exploring loneliness

Sebastien and I are starting a new project and we want to explore loneliness in our society, our hypotheses, and our goals for the project.

Interview with my older sister Jailene Cuevas

Basically talked about our lives. Mostly talking about me and how I am as a person.

Calming the holiday bustle with my creative friend Henken

From the front door, I knew I was gonna love this place. Elixr is a unquiet little haven close to city hall in Philadelphia. Having coffee with Henken was a good time for reflection and looking ahead to the new...

Life as Wilmer

Listen as my step-father speaks about his life as a teenager, as a child and his current life. He speaks fondly of his grandmother and parents as they always treated him nicely and made him who he is today. We...